questionschallenge: dyson dc25 animal for less than $399


Best Buy has a refurb @ $319 before tax and shipping.

Consumer reports never seems to rank the Dysons as worth the extra money. The new Hoover Windtunnel Anniversary editions get great ratings for a good bit less $.


@tygerdave: Thanks! This isn't the "animal" model, but it's still a pretty good deal.


@shawnmiller: The online price seems to be $449 at the moment, including from the place featured on deals.woot a month ago (, when it was priced at $399.

Target has the DC25 on clearance for $349 in-store. Other than being yellow instead of purple, it's the exact vacuum as the Animal, without the attachments.

You may then choose which attachments you want instead of paying for all of them. I'd suggest purchasing attachments from the cheapest reputable seller on eBay since on these warranty is not a major consideration (unlike the vac itself). The most expensive one is the turbo tool, which retails for $70. The other expensive one is the bare floors tool which lets you use it as you would a canister vac. I never use that one.

If purchasing all of the accessories the total will probably bust your $399 limit. So if the price constraint is most important then @tygerdave's refurb route is a good way to go. $369 for a refurb at


I know of this deal-a-day website where you're sure to pickup a Rooba or three. I mean, I know you don't need a Roomba, but really, who does?


@perkalicious11: I wondered if you found this deal for him.


@hobbit: that I did. Seems like the price is pretty stationary, unless you can incorporate a coupon code.

Oddly, I tried to find this question before and it wasn't on fresh nor popular. It must have rolled off?

[edit] I'm curious: is this vacuum all it's cracked up to be? worth the ~$400? @shawnmiller: have you used one first hand, or just heard good things?


@perkalicious11: We actually have one at the office. ~$400 doesn't seem outrageous for a quality vacuum, does it?


@shawnmiller: not necessarily, just wondering if the performance matched the hype. If it was one of those situations where you were just paying for the hype or the unique design, then I'd think too much. Not if it's quality though.

I'm not surprised in the least that the Woot office uses a Dyson vac. :D


I have no experience with ebid.

When I click the deal link you posted, I get the "can't find that" error. I checked under deals posted by honorary, and see none. Relatively little site activity, actually.

That's not to say it's not valid, but just not much to go off of.

[edit] I just went to the direct link s/he provided on my deal post; since it's a "bid" website with only 1 vacuum available, I'm assuming that's why honorary's post was removed.


My first Woot was a refurbed DC17 Animal for $260 and I love it. I'm always amazed how much it picks up every time I vacuum. I've had some other cheaper vacuums in the past, and this one is far and away the best I've owned. It didn't come with the bonus attachments, but I'm not sure how much I would have used them anyway. It maneuvers very well, though it's not the ball version you're looking at. FWIW, you could suck equally with the DC17, though it's a little bigger. Found it on Overstock for $263 shipped (with asthma attachments) with @perkalicious11 's coupon code. (


Just placed my order with $350 shipped!

I had them price match with sears dyson dc25 all floors for $412.45 then applied 20% off coupon code TOPSECRET. They offer free shipping but since it's a big item, you have to pay a surcharge of $3. All in all with tax and shipping it came out to $350.

The thing about customer service is that it's inconsistent. I had to call several times and each CSR would give me different informatipn each time. Like the first CSR told me that they cannot stack up a price match and a coupon code. Another CSR told me that they could for as long as the coupon max is 15%. I think I called at least 5 times till I got a CSR who would allow me to do the PM and the 20% CC.