questionshow do you shop for the holidays?


A rather unorthodox answer. I don't do holidays. When I see something I think someone would enjoy, I buy it & give/send it to them immediately. This works out better for me. No pressure, just pleasure.

So do not mean to put a damper on the question...there was a time in my life when I did buy gifts for the holidays. That was fun when my children were young. Santa, and all that. It was also a pleasure to hunt for treasures for my close family. Times & circumstances changed for me. Do find the 'holiday' season somewhat festive.


I shop early, do 95% of it online, and I have scaled back over the years so I just buy for very close family and a few friends. I worked 10 years in retail, so I like to avoid the crowds as they give me terrible flashbacks!


All of the above. And since I've been sucked in to Wootdom and discovered the world of BOCs, I've started gifting many folks with my own version of a Bag of Christmas, including small things I think they would like instead of trying to find that "one thing" that would be "the perfect gift!" Lots more fun for me and for most of them (or so it seems). Last year I scored big with slipper socks for everyone, small gadgets, scarves for the ladies, instant snow for the kids, and tons of other gizmos I found mostly online.

The biggest problem is clearing out a space to store it all until Christmas!


I try to do it all within a few days, but I always winding up buying crap no one needs in the days leading up to gift-giving. Chanukah starts before Thanksgiving this year, and I don't really exchange gifts with my friends, so I guess I should start thinking about gifts.


I spread it out beginning in about september and going onward (until dawn in a few cases). The ONE gift I will currently go into the rush for is my wife's gift (no kids yet). And for that one gift I will scour the internet and sales pages alike. Many times I have ended up buying her gift at 5AM on Black Friday (the horrah!) because I couldn't afford it otherwise.


I watch for stuff all year, too. I shop online and local. I am from a large family so we do a drawing for the adults and then buy for the kids. We set a limit on the drawing since most of my siblings do not have much cash. My preference would be to get rid of that part, too. Several gifts end up being a gift card exchange. Most of us are not real close so it is not fun to shop for a fun thing.

I quit shopping for my friends a few years ago. We agreed to not exchange gifts but to meet a few weeks early or late to visit and wish each other happy holidays. It is cheaper and much more fun.


Partly all of the above. Panic yes BF yes online yes all fall yes. Have a space in my head & storeroom for stuff. Have cut back to a few family members, makes it much easier. I do friend get-togethers several times a year instead of gifts also.


basically i just hope everyone appreciates nude tribal sculptures. and then i buy in bulk.


@pemberducky: :-D Nude tribal sculptures? Ahhhhhh I have a few of those from Nigeria. Can we talk?


@belyndag: "Last year I scored big with slipper socks for everyone"

Haha! I was briefly hospitalized a while back, and at every shift change the nurse's aide would bring me a package of slipper socks. When I found out that - even unopened - they would just be headed for the landfill otherwise, I stuffed them in my bag and brought them home, wondering what I was going to do with them. Now I know - apparently I'm all set for Xmas gifts!


@ginawoot: LOL! Well, except for the being hospitalized part, you did even better than I did.

I also scooped up quite a few scarves on one of my favorite websites. Personally, scarves are lovely but I'm not cool enough to wear them. My sisters thought they were wonderful, though.


I shop year-round, pretty much constantly on the lookout for anything cool/interesting/wonderful in general or for someone specific. Mostly online, thrift shops and Target clearance. The upside is that I have developed a reputation for great and sometimes perfect gifts. The downside is that I am also extremely disorganized, with the result that sometimes (often) I can't find whatever it is that was perfect, assuming that I remember that I bought it. That has a secret upside in that by the time someone is given something, they will have forgotten it existed even if they were WITH me when I bought it.

This sometimes makes up for the fact that I am also very cheap and my gifts are never costly. (For example, a friend's birthday is coming up who works for Apple and I am sending her original early '80's Apple stickers, which I have had since 1985; they are free, but will probably freak her out a little bit.)


@curli76: Oh god, it does? This does not give me a lot of time to perfect a glow stick menorah. I'd better start soon.


I shop all year, picking up things that I know family and friends I exchange gifts with will like. It's helpful that my nephews birthdays are in May and my sister's is in June, so gift giving holidays are pretty much every six months.

The only exception is my sister (who is very picky and doesn't like "just stuff") and my brother-in-law who is not only incredibly difficult to buy for (not many hobbies, not into sports or outdoors or stuff) but also has a birthday just a few days after Christmas. I usually end up getting him a Woot! tshirt and gift card for Home Depot or Amazon (depending on the state of home repairs) for Christmas and then asking him what he didn't get for Christmas that he still really wants and getting him that for his birthday. Amazon prime is especially helpful when he wants something that isn't "plants" or "this book for Kindle".

Does anyone else buy stuff for themselves for Christmas? I don't get cool toys from my parents anymore so I have to buy my own.


@gt0163c: Oh yes, when I shop I always get "something for Mom, something for me, something for Grandma, something for me, something for friend, something for me!"


Normally I enjoy a little bit of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season because there are so many neat little events and things going on at the local mall and parks. With the baby due in about a week though, I suspect we are going to be doing a whole lot of online shopping this year.