questionshave you experienced fraud on ebay?


At that time, I realized that I should have checked the feedback. It was all positive, but it was only 5, and they were all from the prior week, for the same item. Warning bell #1. Then I went to pay for it - paypal said the account wasn't accepting money. I contacted the seller, they said they had a "limited paypal account" and it would work if I tried it the next day. Weird, I thought, bout OK. Warning bell #2.

At that point I should have just abandoned the transaction and taken any hit on feedback (I have 100% positive) but felling like I was obligated, I paid the $275. And then I never heard from the seller again. It's only been about a week, and I kept telling myself that everything will be OK, I'm just paranoid. Then last night I get an email from eBay saying the listing had been removed, and that if I hadn't paid yet, I should not. Oops. Today I noticed that not only was the auction removed, but the seller was no longer a member either. Ouch.



So... I went ahead and filed a claim in the resolution center. Supposedly I'm guaranteed to either get the item or my money back at some point. But that's the rub - this is a Christmas gift. It's sorta time-critical.

So eBay won't even LOOK at it until 7 days have passed. They consider that the mandatory "work things out with the seller" period. Even though they kicked the seller out of the marketplace, I'm supposed to "work it out". Right. Then, reading their terms/conditions, it sounds like this could go on for weeks and weeks after that point.

So, I bit the bullet tonight and bought the item again, from a (hopefully!) reputable online storefront. I'm really hoping that the original item doesn't arrive at my door anytime soon, as I sure don't need two of them...

Anyone else gone through dispute resolution with eBay? How long did it take you?


A few years ago I bought a vacuum-filtration thing that was never delivered and paypal refused to help. So I used a charge back. To this day I am not allowed to send/receive money with paypal and debt collectors call me. Hasn't affected my credit at all so I refuse to pay out of principle.

Before that I tried to buy a laptop on ebay and the guy took weeks to send it claiming a black mold problem. Turns out he was just wasting my window for a dispute since he sent a different model. Paypal did refund about 1/2 of that purchase, took about 3 weeks.


@panthiest: I looked on PayPal - they had a note on the transaction saying that since it's an eBay auction I needed to go through eBay dispute resolution. Ugh.


@tsfisch: Ah, that must have changed since I've been able to use paypal. Sorry mate.


several times, most of them at least 5 years ago. Items never shipped, wrong items and seller refuses to fix the problem, etc. The larger items I got screwed everytime, by both paypal and ebay. I now ONLY ever use a credit card through paypal, so I can do a chargeback if I'm getting scammed.


I have had two instances of fraud, one was resolved the other not. About 6 years ago, I won an auction for a strat bridge to replace mine (trem arm broke), and the lady never shipped it. After a month or so of hemming and hawing around, getting one BS excuse after another (each one contradicting everything else), I told her that I was filing a fraud report with eBay, and looking into filing mail fraud charges. Next thing I know, I had a strat bridge overnighted to me. The other one, was around same time frame. Won an auction for a cheapie sword, for reference on a game project I was working on. Guy with a good rating suddenly stopped shipping out items to anyone. A week after I won the auction, he gets a rash of negative feedback. I contact him, no response. I file a report with ebay and paypal. They rule in my favor, but the money back policy then sucked. He had emptied his paypal account, so no money for refund. For years I've had that as a outstanding unpaid case on paypal.


I have 700+ transactions some of them from other countries and i have fortunately only had to file one complaint and ebay did similar to your situation they deleted the item removed the seller and then we went through the process of returning my money. Seems like it took a couple of weeks to get it all processed. i love ebay...i do most if not all of my Christmas shopping on there.


DANG IT....clicked outside the window and my lengthy answer went POOF.

I had the exact same thing happen almost a year ago. Over $1200 on 8 items (1 transaction) from an overseas seller. I got my money back using the system in place, and although it was apparent that my items would never arrive, I understood eBay must wait to be certain. I also took a chance on a seller with a low number of feedback. I now realize how hard the "Top Rated" icon is to earn and maintain so I will spend a bit more if the same item is available from a trusted seller.

(answered shortened due to "outside the box clicking" frustration)


I have been an ebay member since 1998. I have never been a victim of fraud, once or twice I've had people not pay me, then bash me with negative feedback. other than that, it's been a smooth ride and a nice way to make a little extra money


@tsfisch: Do not settle for the online options for filing a claim in your situation. You need to call both eBay and Paypal on the phone since this is a time sensitive purchase and the seller has been suspended. I have run into many similar situations and a phone cal usually clears it up quickly.


First go into your eBay account and under the item you purchased, if still visible, click on "Resolve a Problem." When you get the pop-up there will be two windows to choose from, the second that sits behind the first is the one you want, select the contact eBay tab. On that tab is a window to click that says 'Call Us", click on that. You will get a pass-code to call eBay good for fifteen minutes. Call them and ask for the "Trust & Safety Department" they should be able to resolve it immediately. If not than call Paypal and dispute the charge and give them all the information.

Keep in mind that eBay, Paypal and Bill Me Later are all owned by eBay but none of them will ever be on the same page even though it is the same system when all of them look at the screen. Just ask me, I have been on eBay since day one and have seen it all.


First, you should call eBay or PayPal if that's how you paid. If you talk to a person, they should be able to help you more quickly.

A few years ago I bought a Fred Perry shirt, and when it arrived it was an obvious fake. I contacted the seller, and they wanted me to pay to return it (that was what it said in their auction.... buyers pays return shipping). I said no way, it's not that I didn't like the shirt, it's that they sent me a counterfeit. I put in the dispute and waited. eBay (or, PayPal.. whichever it is at that point) was going to stand by the seller. I would need to pay to return it, then get my full refund. So, I called them. I explained to the lady on the phone it was a fraudulent item, and I was not going to pay to return something fraudent.

Ultimately, the woman credited my PayPal account the amount of money it was going to cost me to return the item. So returned the item and got my money back. I ended up even, which was what I wanted.


Yep. Both as a buyer and a seller. As a buyer it was pretty easy to get a resolution. I contacted Paypal, put the charge in dispute...refunded in a few days. Granted, this was four or five years ago.

As a seller, I got completely f'ed. Someone clearly damaged a book I sold them in order to get a partial refund. Took a knife down the spine, tried to claim I didn't describe the condition properly. Contacted eBay, and they pretty much told me that there was nothing I could do. Still, lesson learned. I'm going to document the packaging of everything I sell from here on out, so that if anyone tries to screw me again, I can prove that whatever damage there was wasn't my fault.

But yeah...fraud is extremely rampant. Especially with buyers these days. The site's become so buyer-centric that sellers have to automatically take the burden no matter what. Plenty of people try and take advantage of it.


My burn story ends a different way than most it seems. This was a few years ago, I understand they might have changed but I still limit my contact with eBay because of it. Quick version of the story, guy ripped me off. Collected payment, never sent item. So I filed a dispute. He claimed he never received payment. I provided proof, he changed his story to he sent the item. Long story short, I 'win' the dispute. But it doesn't end there.

eBay decides ok, you deserve a refund. Minus the inflated shipping charge, of course, and then minus a $25 fee for some reason. I'm the one ripped off, but I'm charged a fee. Allllrighty then. So, all told I'm out $44.50, of which eBay 'refunds' $4.50. To this day the guy is still there ripping people off.

Moral of the story, avoid anyone going by the name workbytes or work-bytes, he changed at one point.


Member since 2000, 8423 rating and 100% feedback. So far I've been able to resolve my few problems quickly, usually within a week. Good luck on yours.

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I've been buying on eBay since mid-1999; I've made just under 1000 purchases and have had only one case of fraud, and I'm hesitant even to call it that. The seller dealt in collectibles, had been selling for better than five years with a FB score just a hair under 100%, and lots of FB comments about her good customer service and prompt shipping. I ordered a small item (under $15) but didn't receive it. At that point, she began receiving solid negative FB, all for non-delivery. I got my money back fairly easily and quickly; it's been so long, though, that I don't remember the process involved.

I tend to think the "long-time seller suddenly disappears" scenario is probably a family tragedy of some sort, such as death or illness. There was quite a forum discussion years ago about a seller of very high-end artwork who disappeared; buyers eventually managed to track him down and learned he'd died.


The plot thickens. The seller has now provided "proof" that he's shipped the item (the day I filed the dispute, coincidentally).

So, best case, I'll have two items, and have to resell one of them (since as I noted, I already purchased one from another store so I'd have the gift for Christmas)

Worst case, he mails me a box of bricks (it's a somewhat heavy item), and it will be my word against his.

I don't like either option... was hoping for a refund.


@tsfisch: A lesson somewhat learned from woot! can help you with your issue, video unboxing. When in doubt, whip it out, the camera that is.

Does their proof include tracking? You could always refuse the package. The buyer is almost always found to be the victor on eBay. Even if the seller does not offer a refund you are still protected by eBay's protection policy. Just say the item was not as described and you win.

It never gets resolved overnight and may take up to 45 days, so hang in there.


Well upon further inspection the tracking number (FedEX) has been entered into their system, but there's no trace of them actually giving FedEx a package. I contacted the seller, and they got back to me for the first time since any of this happened and claimed it had been shipped.

So either FedEx is messing up, or they are. And I have my guesses.