questionsis the woot digest giving me the finger?


You're too observant. I went back and looked, and the unfortunate placement of the crop window is comical. I think there is some Woot worker subliminally disgruntle with us all!

Here's the image in-case you want woot to give you the finger too:


Props for this post that made me lol


That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My wallet makes that sound tonight.


Props for this post that also made me lol:


There is a shortage of perfect shirts in the world. It would be a pity to miss out on this one...

Congrats, Keith!


Oh my! I get the digest, but didn't really pick up on that. Thanks for pointing that out, I got quite the laugh out of it!


Looks like the work of a certain pair of monkeys...


Why thank you for the props.