questionsdo any of you have any experience using android…


Like XBMC? How about a Rasperry Pi running OpenELEC?

I've been running it for a few months now. Just fantastic. I use it for streaming all my local media (songs, pictures, movies) that I have on my PC.

It won't do Netflix, so if that's what you meant by streaming, then look elsewhere. My TV has apps built in for Netflix, Amazon, etc...


@embhorn: I was hoping that it might work for streaming from websites like Dailymotion rather than Netflix and Amazon since I have other means of streaming those already.


@hossdawg97: Looks like someone wrote an add-on for that website:

Since it's completely open source, XBMC has tons of add-ons and customizations.


This is pretty cool. I'd love to get my htpc out of the living room and replace it with a streamer. I do have an old lenovo q150 I might press into service.

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