questionsdid you see nfl has gone pink for breast cancer…


At the very least I remember them doing it last year, and possibly the year before it. I like the idea - I believe they auction off the game worn equipment and the proceeds go to Breast Cancer charities.


@atomicorange: yeah they do auction the items on it's weird that they have items worn back in October 2010. makes me wonder if they never sold or if they hold the items for a year
i also remember them doing it before, just could never remember when or how often. i guess it's every October...

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I felt about 10 secounds of awkwardness seeing the players walking around with pink towels around their necks and pink gloves, but it was really nice at the same time... a bit entertaining as well because I was waiting for a shot of a pink towel slap on the bum.


I'm a big fan, but I'd like to see some awareness towards other things, like lung cancer...even more preventable and deadly. I've seen heart disease awareness before, that was great.

What about world hunger? So many things that can be given money!!

And yea, it's every october


I believe DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers started it in honor of his mother who was a cancer survivor.


@zarfus: How about just less survivable cancers, say, cervical or lung? Through marketing and lobbying(yes, SGK has paid lobbyists), it's the biggie.
Go figure.


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@jsimsace: Thanks for the shout out. I needed a bit of sunshine today. "Mod-sided" needs to be added to the Urban dictionary.


@maggie3052: thanks! i looked him up and saw he did turbo boost the idea to what it is now in the NFL.

@jsimsace: not by much, mostly the "did you see" and i think another word was thrown in. no biggie, i'd just prefer something else like "how do you feel about __". it's weird seeing my words but not my words. heh