questionswhat is paypal? is it creditable?


Well, I don't want to really explain what it is so I'll have wikipedia do that for me.

To make it easy for you though, it is absolutely credible. It lets you safely make transactions with vendors/other people.


yes, they're reputable, but there are also a lot of people out here who dislike them and their policies. They're pretty much the only game in town though, so we don't have much of a choice but to use them.


i don't know if you should believe it. what is it telling you? it may be lying, who knows. "gossip limited to the unwise"


Paypal is the best thing for internet shopping. I use them because of it's fast, easy, and secure. I mostly only use sites that are Paypal certified.


Paypal is a trustworthy company and method of paying for things on the internet.

Some less than trustworthy internet resellers like to take advantage of Paypal's credibility by placing fake "PayPal Verified" logos on their websites.

A legitimate "PayPal Verified" logo will be a clickable link that will bring to to the PayPal site where you can see the site's verification for yourself. This link should be secure (it should start with "https://" and you will be asked by PayPal to log in. Only enter your PayPal credentials after verifying that you are actually at "";


looks like this may just be a question asked in order to raise reputation of a chinese vendor schill account.


@kamikazeken: Dear sir/madam, it seems that you don't link the Chinese merchants, but you posted "which is your favorite chinese/asian cheap stuff seller?"7 days ago.
Since you don't enjoy Chinese merchants, why do you concerned about chinese/asian cheap stuff seller? This is very contradiction. what do you think? To be fair, I only said. Lol

Are you American? If so, our American have no discrimination now, do you?


there is a difference between dealers that use their real name to post, and schill accounts that try to build some rep points before trying to sell their crap.

I figure if I use terms in my posts like "tiananmen square" and "falun gong" and "overthrow the ruling party" maybe the great firewall will assist deals.woot in keeping spammers out.


@kamikazeken: do you think that would work? if so i better use it as much as i can before their other coworker, employee # 18947839029873 starts shilling and defending them also

tiananmen square tiananmen square tiananmen square

we really need a knockoff.woot or china.woot asap


@kamikazeken: This technique, while amusing, doesn't work, since the spammers are using accounts outside the great firewall. The sites may be based in mainland China, and the money may move in and out of there, but the spammers themselves use servers in the US to access places like Deals. Nice try, though, and good thinking.

I have sites that are blacklisted at the firewall (since they provide instruction on how to use anonymous proxies and other wicked things), and it has helped to make me quite knowledgeable on what is or is not blocked. Some of the terms you are using are blocked on search engines, if you are in China, of course. It doesn't always stop items containing those search terms from being displayed (although it usually is effecting), but is 100% effective at preventing someone from searching for it.

Thanks for the smiles, though. Good way to start the day.