questionsdo you create reasons to splurge for every day of…


Monday - It's M-day. For me that means Monster day, and I buy a grossly overpriced (they are around $6 here in Brazil) Monsters make my morning brighter.
Tuesday - I quickly realized it's the day most of the company's bills come in. I feel overloaded after work decide to go wild and buy a six pack of good beer for the evening.
Wednesday - Hump day! I celebrate by drinking more coffee than I know I should, all morning, so I can literally feel the excitement (er uh, excess caffeine), bugging out of my eyes.
Thursday - One of the nights of the week, that my fiancee and I usually have off. We make this our weekly date night.
Friday - END OF THE WEEK! My present to myself varries. It usually involves leaving work a little early and buying something.
Saturday - The gym is empty this morning, I like to reward myself for a hard work-week, with a big protein bar and two hours at the gym without disruption.
Sunday - We like to spend money going out with friends, almost everyone is free :)


My schedule is more like this:

Monday - Work 11 hours, nap, eat dinner, sleep
Tuesday - Work 11 hours, go to the gym, eat dinner, sleep
Wednesday - Work 11 hours, go to the gym, eat dinner, sleep
Thursday - Work 11 hours, go to the gym, eat dinner, sleep
Friday - Work 11 hours, go to the gym, eat dinner, sleep

Saturday - Mow the lawn, do the laundry, clean the house, go the gym, eat dinner, sleep
Sunday - Catch up on my computer chores like email, go to the gym, eat dinner, sleep


I only tend to splurge when I'm working at the office instead of home. I will usually stop on my way in and buy coffee. Occasionally (and depending on what sort of day I'm likely to have) I might get a pastry or breakfast sandwich along with it.


I typically start my week of with a large Starbucks Espresso Drink. The way I justify it is that Monday is Donut/Bagel Day in the office and I forgo these treats for my caffeine fix. Somehow I can justify the empty calories from a Mocha instead of the transfats in a donut OR carb overload in a bagel. :)


No, I actually don't. My splurge comes on Saturday when I grab a fast-food morsel for breakfast and Sunday when I eat out for lunch. The rest of the time it's the same old grind.