questionsanyone going to try and buy a wii u at midnight?


I was totally bummed out that Gamestop didn't do a midnight launch. I was even more bummed oud when I got called into work for an emergency. But now I have my preordered system and am performing an endless system update. No longer bummed out :D


I just read a review of Wii U, published on Friday in the New York Times. The possibilities of the touchscreen controller sound intriguing, especially the ability of the player with the touchscreen to influence the on-screen game (by adding obstacles or inserting a required dance move), or the increased variety of inputs (such as blowing into the mic to make a windmill turn). As someone who hasn't played any console more recent than SNES, this doesn't necessarily make me want to play Wii U, but I am impressed with the concept - hope the execution lives up to the ideas!


I won't be getting this, I'm not even interested in it... I tried it out at gamestop, and while they only had one game to demo, I ran into something I consider a problem. The game kept having you switch from the TV screen to the controller screen. And you had to use the touchscreen to do things as well. If I'm playing on a TV, I'm playing on a TV. If I'm playing a handheld, I'm playing a handheld. There is NO reason to combine, especially since you can't exclusively play games on the controller's screen... Not to mention, after only 15 minutes, my neck was starting to hurt from having to keep switching screens.
I'm going to get flack for this, I know, but I can only see this contributing to ADD. Nothing says 'Focus on one thing at a time' than a games system constantly having you split your attention. LOL


Just finished checking out. My local Target had ten extra past the pre-order. Nine deluxe and one standard. Now if you'll excuse me - I got some gaming to do.


Nope, we had it pre-ordered, but we arent picking it up. There arent any games that we HAVE to play right now, so it isnt worth the money. We will probably pick one up in a few months. I wanted to sell the pre-ordered system, but my fiance works for a major retailer and they frown upon that, so she squashed those plans pretty quick.


Just got back from my local Walmart. They had 5 black Wii U's and 4 white ones to grab. Only 9 people showed up who did not pre-order so it worked out well. Not a very big turn out. I did get my pre-order though.


A Nintendo Wii-U? I'm still trying to justify buying a PS3 (no luck yet).


@morriea: Well, if history were to repeat itself you probably wouldn't be able to for awhile.. unless you wanted to pay $900 and buy it from a guy named Ice-Pick off of Craigslist.. the shelves were baron for awhile.

@Iparsons42: It's because Nintendo half-assed it this time around.. I'm a Nintendo fan, so I don't want to give the wrong impression.. but they basically took the Wii, added the processing power/memory it should have originally came with, gave it a new controller and called it day.. and I've never used one but the controller looks kinda "ehhh"

You're right about this being a quiet launch though, honestly I thought it was already out lol - I saw an ad for one in a Sears catalog (maybe a local store?) a few weeks ago.. I remember it because I thought "Oh hey, that's out already.. huh" I can't remember the last time a console launch was so low-key.


Everywhere I could think of locally is closed. Will likely get one sooner or later.


I am at Target in line now. This is in no way a soft launch.


I am not at all impressed with the Wii U... it seems like a regular Wii with a tablet PC thrown in as an extra controller. Apparently the graphics got a much needed update, as well. Hopefully they will continue to make games for the older Wii, as I don't see the new helping out their bottom line.


This seems like a rather quiet launch for a new console. While it can't possibly match the excitement of the launch of the original Wii, this is not even in the same ballpark from what I've been reading.

While I hope Nintendo does well with this, I'm not sure that will happen. They just don't seem to have gathered a lot of enthusiasm for it going in, which will make it hard to move units. Maybe they'll get more software makers to line up to make new games for it soon? Or maybe we'll see some meaningful third-party attachments (and not just stupid plastic grips) this time?

To answer your question, there do appear to be some people going out at midnight for a Wii U, but I am not one of them. I might buy one in another 12-18 months but not likely any sooner.


nope. Is there something special about the one bought at that time? It seems like I can get the same thing at a reasonable shopping hour if I even wanted one.


No, I'll stick with my old-school Wii that never gets played. There will be something better next year that I won't buy either.


Nah. I'm not a gamer and wasn't impressed with its other capabilities. Sticking with my Angry Birds and my Roku.