questionshow do i purchase an item from this site?


With money, LOTS of MONEY!!; no bartering allowed.

Really though? It should be quite easy to figure out: See that BIG Yellow Button that says "I Want One"?? Click on that and you'll be on your way to buying item, after item, after item! Enjoy!!


Which site?

Are you trying to buy from Woot? If so, you click the rather large "I want one" button, give em your info and you get your goods.

If you want to buy from deals.woot, it doesnt actually sell anything, just aggregates deals from all over the internet.
Even then, you click on the item, and there's still a fairly noticeable "I want one" button. Click that, and then you do what you gotta do with that website.

Its...really the same as ordering anything else from any website. You were able to make an account, I think you can figure out how to buy :)


I wish I knew how to stop buying from here......


Maybe Woot needs to come up with something other than "What is Deals.Woot?" Perhaps "How do I get it?" Or maybe "How does this site work?" Make it in a bolder, more eye-catching font? Something, ANY thing to encourage the new, less savvy internet users to click on the link.
Being lost & confused in a new place is scary. Maybe a blinking light bulb beside the link? "New here? Click on ME!" Questions like the OP's make me nostalgic for the old pop up window that warned newbies they were being taken to a site far, far away.

Not poking fun. I just feel bad for new users that can't readily grasp how this crazy place functions.


@dealseekerdude: What I meant was do I have to go through list after list , or is there a search button?

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