questionsdo you shop on any of the other 1-day-printing t…


I buy from Teefury and Theyetee, as well as from Ript ( If you'd like to keep up with a bunch of them in one place, check but note that when a site offers more than one shirt at a time, like today at Teefury, they won't show up.


While it's not always featured, I have bought quite a few of the "Design of the day" ones from GoodJoe; they mostly use AA blanks there nowadays.

Much fewer is from Captain KYSO; you'll find many familiar artists that submit/print here at Woot over there too.

I've yet to purchase anything from Shirt Punch, though several familiar artists submit/print there too.


I've gotten a variety of great shirts from Teefury and Ript. I watch, which also aggregates a bunch of the more popular shirt sites into one page (shirt.woot included). I look at Shirt Punch separately, because it's not on there.


@sunnyx0r: I use to buy from RIPT but most of their shirts now a days are popculture mish mash garbage.


@saramwrap: Ahhh, I completely forgot about ript! Someone in college told me about it, but I never latched on...definitely gonna check out Shirt Punch tho!
Thanks for the feedback, guyz :)


Another that has nice designs is I've purchased a few from them.

I check to keep up with the dailies everywhere.


I bought a grab bag of five shirts from Teefury once. I still think Woot! shirts beat them in quality, and Woot's also still much cheaper than everyone else.

I do intend to get a Yetee shirt at some point. They really do have some great designs.


@chronosquall14 Woot really isn't much cheaper. Woot shirts are $12, free shipping. Teefury are $10 and $2.75 shipping. Ript are $10 and $2.95 shipping. You're only looking at a difference of $0.75 - $0.95.

I can't speak to the quality of the new Woot shirts. The change in sizing of the women's shirts has kept me from buying any since they changed their supplier. That said, the old Woot American Apparel shirts were better quality than Teefury or Ript, but personally I wouldn't complain about the quality of any of them.

Theyetee is a bit more expensive, and in my opinion the lowest quality of anywhere I've bought from. The shirt I bought from them about three weeks ago already has a hole in it. I have shirts from Woot, Teefury, and Ript that are probably three years old and don't have holes.


The thing about all these T-shirt sites is they're great if you can dress casually at work, but what if I want to show my nerdy-ness at work while still dressing business casual? It's hard for a girl because T-shirts really bring down my whole outfit. I do buy from teefury once in a while and shirt.woot and sometimes I'll wear them on Fridays.

I need to branch out and find other ways to show my nerd-dom


I heard a lot about that it has an awesome collection of the latest cloting and accessories at very affordable price. It also has online tool which allows clients to create their own clothing with their T-Shirt Designer. With all options to change size, colour of design as well as adding text and more. Has anyone used this before??