questionsdid you hear that ed koch died?


NO!!! RIP Mayor Koch. Man, he was good.

What hater would downvote this? Regardless if you agree with him or not the man is dead.


I wasn't the first downvote, but I may have been the second.
Last time I checked this isn't Sad, none the less, that another person has died but this in my opinion isn't a place to post the death of someone. Now if you wanted to post the great vision or plans of an individual, feel free. But to simply question, "Did you hear so-and-so is dead?" seems dumb. People die, life goes on... The circle of life.

If you disagree, downvote me.


Did you know you can find this info online?

Edit: Just put "Did you know" in front of all the headlines! What fun!


@jsoko: That's only the first celebrity death question this month. ;) But I agree with you.


@jsimsace: First question on the 1st...
All I remember is back a couple months ago when the forum was filled with these questions.


Was a cool guy for a politicians. Just my take....