questionscan you find my next shower curtain?


So, you need a shower curtain to replace the doors or for your shower?? If it's to replace the doors, skip the shower curtain and go for a beaded "hippie-style" curtain. If it's an actual shower curtain you need for your shower, the options are endless! Go with whatever fits your decor! Good Luck!


Trying to hide the pink is going to be a losing battle, sadly. I personally like the art deco tiled pink bathrooms when it's well preserved (I'm assuming that's what you're talking about) but I know that many people don't. If you can paint the walls, pick a color that coordinates with the pink, but maybe isn't quite as girly. Grey may work.

For your shower curtain, maybe not a solid color, but nothing flowery. Maybe stripes? Abstract lines?

It's hard to give advice without seeing the actual bathroom and how much of the tile survived the gutting, but let me repeat. Do not try to downplay the pink tile. There lies misery and failure. Embrace the tile and work with it. The end result will be much nicer.


I like this combo and it would go with pink.

EDIT: @kamikazeken: That was my first thought, but the reviews were horrible.


@jsimsace: I have it, got it for halloween party last year. It's nothing super durable, but it makes one heck of a statement. It should last a few months, too.


Those are some good suggestions. Yeah, I know it's pretty hard to pick something like that out for someone though.

I was tempted on the bloody mess curtains, I admit. I ended up going with this one that has only 2 diametrically opposed reviews. We'll see how it goes.


Shower curtains from ThinkGeek:

Psycho, periodic table, Portal, and more. Happy hunting!