questionsdid you hear about the passing of maurice sendakā€¦


Yes I did. He was one of my favorite authors as a child. His legacy will be remembered.


well great. without Maurice, and Dr. Seuss this generation of kids has zero chance of reading anything creative or original. what an incredible loss. RIP


@ndcouch: If only books could last after the author's lifetime...


I've been in meetings all day and missed this. Thanks for posting. I think my favorite Sendak book was "Pierre."

"What would you like to eat?"
"I don't care!"
"Some lovely cream of wheat?"
"I don't care!"
Don't sit backwards on your chair."
"I don't care!"
"Or pour syrup on your hair."
"I don't care!"

Hmmm. Sendak must have foreseen the generation of "whatever" responses.


He was one of my daughter's favorite authors, and always a joy to read.

The night Max wore his wolf suit, and made mischief of one kind, and another, his mother called him "Wild thing!" and Max said "I'll eat you up!" so he was sent to bed without any supper at all.

In May
I truly think it best
to be a robin
lightly dressed
concocting soup
inside my nest.
Mix it once
mix it twice
mix that chicken soup
with rice.

{can you tell I have them memorized?}


Yes, an amazing artist, such a loss. The Rosenbach Museum in Philly is opening up their gallery of his work today free of charge in memorium:


There's also a cool discussion going on in Everything But Woot if you feel inclined to stop by! (I let folks over there know about this thread too.)


I always loved reading his stuff to my son. And he loved reading it to me as well when he was learning to read out loud. I even enjoy Carol King's songs, though they're definitely not my usual cup of tea. I am now a bit sad.


@thirstykoala: well yeah, but my point is no good new stuff will be coming out. Good children's authors are a rare thing and a loss like this one sucks. his and Seuss's books will be timeless and can be read infinite times, but its still a shame.


@alpayton: he was awesome on Colbert. "the sad thing is, i like it"


I think I'm gonna rewatch the movie of it that came out last year.

No one seemed to like it but I thought it was very well done.


@alpayton: Not one of the best....THE BEST INTERVIEW EVER!

I don't think anyone ever played into Cobert's style better. Usually people don't understand him. You could tell that both Sendak and Steven were enjoying themselves.


Sendak answer to what do you think of ebooks:
F--- them is what I say!
I hate those ebooks
They can not be the future.
They may well be.
I will be dead.
I won't give a s--t.


Cobert put more of the interview on tonight.
Talking about death.
It should be on the website tomorrow.