questionsi have a great idea for a shirt with a slogan…


yeah... sorry bro. We all have these problems


@miquinn: if i could draw or build what i can think up i would be rich


I wonder if you could use public domain pics. Make sure you give the credit where it is due up front, search around a bit to ensure that it is public domain.


I have had many concepts that were really great but I lack the artistic requirements to bring the concept out of my head and on to paper/digital medium.


Send me an email with a complete description of your idea and I'll make the graphics. I'll send it in to all the tshirt places and I'll get rich really fast. Oh yeah. Uh. You will too. I promise. Really.

Seriously, if you think it's a good idea and have a bit of cash to invest, try 99 Designs. Graphic designers will create mock ups and you can review hundreds of designs, choose the best and only pay the winner that you chose. Of course then you'd have a kick ass design but still need to get the shirts printed. I'm really no help, am I?


If it's mostly a slogan tee, try looking for shirt places that accept slogan-only submissions. (Threadless Type Tees is one example.)


go to - for $5, someone will draw it for you !!!