questionsdid watching the republican convention change…


Nope, I'm still voting for Clint Eastwood.


@ohcheri: Best Choice!!! Wish he was running!!


@drj48: I wish anyone was running besides our current choices. Maybe we can get a write-in vote campaign for Clint to go viral ;-)


I'm going to downvote because I feel the question is stupid. The convention isn't put on to change people's minds, it's put on to solidify the party's support of the candidate and introduce the candidate to the nation.
Considering that 99% of republicans were already going to vote for Mitt, and probably 95% of Dems were already planning to vote for Obama, there is little chance to change someone's vote. THERE IS a chance to help undecideds make up their minds.

The convention did increase my respect for Mitt Romney, I'm impressed at how much time and money he has given to charity, but he still refuses to talk about that himself, because it's simply part of who he is... He has no desire to talk about things he's done to help others and make himself look better, because what he's done seems to truly come from a desire to give for the sake of giving. The story about him spending all that time with the kid dying of cancer was heart-breaking, and IMO truly noble.


@ohcheri: really? I love Clint, but he out-Bidened Joe Biden last night.


I thought Ron Paul was supposed to cause a problem, so I watch for a few minutes. Nothing happened, so I went back to watching Storage Wars.


@kamikazeken: I guess that tells you how I feel about our other options :)


@kamikazeken: I thank you for your answer to my second question; i.e., ‘If you became more confident of your preference what was it that made you that way?’
Additionally, I am 100%+ in agreement with you on my “respect” for Gov. Romney for his most quiet community/personal involvement and support. I can only hope we all learn so much more about his business skills, his families and his specific support for any of us fellow Americans.
You have helped me focus in on one of my bull’s-eyes that I want to know anything about the past ‘personal life’ data from Obama and Biden.


The RNC convention gave me a glimpse at the next generation of republicans and it appears they have some good ones in the pipeline.

I too gained great respect for the quiet service Romney has performed over the course of his life. He lives his faith and doesn't use his good works for political gain.

I thought Eastwood was a bit odd but appreciated the comic relief. I expect Biden to provide the comic relief for the DNC convention.

I went and saw 2016 last night It's more of a documentary than a movie. It's pretty interesting and it should be something anyone voting in November should go see regardless of what side of the aisle you are on or if you stand in the middle. It gives more insight into who Pres. Obama is and what motivates him. It doesn't pass judgement and isn't propaganda. It's a look at his personal history and how it has shaped his world view.


@hessem:Thanks for you answer. Two reactions. 1 - I have been watching the politicos comments re Eastwood and they are extremely mixed. The two most common interpretations are Clint is off his rocker type and he hurt Romney (mostly by Ds). The second, (mostly by Rs), is that the empty chair represents the Presidents absence just like his disappearance from the Hill/Washington to campaign (which “started” after the last Nov election loss by the Ds) or to play golf/basketball. I believe both POVs have their merit and fault. In November WE decide that and the election. 2 – Great suggestion on 2016 which I saw when it came out. I think I will watch again to see if I have changed!!

vote-for2vote-against adopting the NO Internet Poker plank, the GOP has lost my vote completely. However, if someone would like to send me $10,000, they can certainly buy my vote back.