questionswoot poll: would you buy a mattress online?


We bought our last bed online because we were buying a sleep number, so we didn't care about trying it out or such since it was adjustable (that was 10 years ago). If I wasn't buying a sleep number, I think I would be too afraid of buying something I didn't find comfortable and either being stuck with it or spending a ton to return it if I didn't like it.


I'm sure an online retailer can sell the mattresses for cheaper for obvious reasons, but having to pay for it to be delivered would probably severely cripple that deal factor. I know woot! has sold memory foam mattresses before, but those are sort of vacuum sealed and rolled up to a very small size for shipping from what I hear.

I guess if there was an online mattress store that somehow managed to sell & ship a name brand King or Queen sized conventional mattress and box spring for way less than a local store I would go for it. But I'd definitely have to try it out at a different store first, to make sure its comfortable and durable.


I bought a 4" king sized memory foam mattress from Overstock once, because they had $5 shipping. Even squashed it was still big, and very heavy.


@eraten: I would certainly want to buy a brand name that I was familiar with or had laid down on in a store. But I think you're probably right, that the shipping part would probably kill it from being a deal.


I would never buy a bed that I haven't tried out in a store. Sleep Number beds, are a rarity, they are the same wherever you buy them. Most of the major mattress companies use different model names with every outlet. You can buy different models of Sealy, Simmons, Sterns and Foster in 10 different stores and get 10 different model names each. Can't compare prices, can't know what model you are getting online. Ought to be regulated.


I wouldn't. I need to lay on it to decide if I like it.

While it takes sleeping on a mattress to really determine if it's "right" for you, I can usually get a good idea with just a couple of minutes laying on one.


Two mattresses ago, I actually bought it from woot. It was a full memory foam mattress, and came in a large cylinder. It served me well for several years!


Absolutely. I bought my last mattress online (Sam's Club) and I really like it. I did extensive research first, though, mostly on the website (I have no connection to the site; I just found it to be very helpful.) The shipping fee was reasonable (as was the price of the mattress) and Sam's Club called to arrange delivery.


Yes, only because we laid in it at costco and our local store did not have it. It was also nice b/c they brought it into the bedroom and took care of all the trash, etc. Didn't have to hope a king w/ boxsprings would stay on my (then) s-10.


I had completely forgotten Sam's and Costco carry those, I think I'll give them a shot. More than anything I really wanted to avoid a mattress store and/or a furniture store. Both places I feel like I'm being stalked while I walk around...


Our current mattress was actually purchased from woot! a few months ago and we love it!