questionsif you have kids, what are they wearing for…


can a mod fix the spelling please??? thanks!


Child 1 - Cowgirl
Child 2 - Peacock
Child 3 - Angel

I've never had someone be the same thing twice. But these are some of the most traditional costumes we've had. Much easier than a pudding cup and a dead Dora the Explorer!


I've got either a Greg Jennings or Clay Matthews, along with a completely undecided. I'm thinking that I'm going to steer Mr. Undecided toward a dead Dora the Explorer!

Although I gotta say that if the instant punk shirt that's currently in the fog in the shirt.woot derby gets printed, we might be buying a few of those.


We're not going this year due to the economy.


@jjkehoe: the dead Dora was a huge hit everywhere. I totally recommend it. One of her friends went as a dead Barney, and another went as a screaming baby. It was truly awesome!