questionscotton kills. your thoughts?


Cotton: the blood diamond of the 1800s -- is that what you're looking for? I can't imagine something as organic as cotton being deadly for anyone

EDIT: I see what you're referring to. Hiking? Wool is more appropriate for keeping warm in damp conditions


Heh, yeah. It's hunting season here locally. People are coming home early due to issues with hypothermia. Turns out some people need a little more education as to how to dress to stay warm.


Seems like it's only a bad idea n the cold if you are swaeting. The problem is that it doesn't wick away the sweat and allows the wet fabric to chill your body. If you are not exerting yourself, it appears that cotton is a perfectly fine fabric.


@bogie21: It's going to be 85 here today. I love living in the desert.


the best wool is smartwool. Those socks are freaking only complaint is that I wear them so often that they wear out within the winter.

I used to hate wool...smartwool converted me. Now I love all wool, you really notice the difference compared to cotton in the winter.


In the winter, give me silver-ion-treated synthetics as a base layer any day. I'd like it if I could handle wool, but even the nice stuff makes me itch. (And yes, I do use smartwool socks, but only because my feet don't sweat that much. Wool on my torso is a no-go.)


definitely add this to your knowledge bank for the upcoming zombie apocalypse if you live in a colder climate.

I use Under Armour a lot for the moisture wicking properties, it also feels better than Cotton. And every now and then you can get a good deal (promo code) on the Under Armour site, or buy them cheap on Ebay (usually the military-tan or white shirts)


'Killer Cotton' is pretty well known in backpacking circles. Still it is hard to beat the comfort of a nice cotton shirt. For any extended camping I do, I always pack 1 cotton shirt to wear around camp when the weather is nice.


@psaux: Two words: silk longjohns. Ok, maybe three words.


Meh...people freak out about everything. When coffee became really popularized in the US a little over 30 years ago, there were campaigns against it, saying it could stunt growth or even poison you. Now it's commercialized to the hilt, and people have been drinking their two cups a day for years with no problems other than maybe slight dehydration at times.


@dmaz: Except people like me who develop heart conditions due to it. Wheeeeeeeee. (No, seriously. Quit it while you're ahead. Trust me.)


@psaux: whaaa? heart conditions due to coffee? now that is a new topic waiting to be made.

COFFEE KILLS. your thoughts?

as for me, i prefer synthetic baselayers that at least tell me they're wicking sweat away and keeping me warm. Burton makes some nice, soft underlayers. mmmm