questionswhat's your secret way to win a bag of crap boc?


If I told you (and everybody else reading this) it wouldn't be much of a secret...


Persistence. The rest is classified, if I told you...


There seriously are some secret techniques one can use to get an edge ... and I don't mean evil tactics such as DoSing etc.. But, like everyone else has said, I doubt you'll be told about them here.

Perhaps it's better to reflect on why people want the BoC's so badly? My last few have actually been craptacular enough that I've almost entirely given up on them. I mean, I've gotten broken parts of kitchen apparatus (far from complete enough to use, even if repaired), watches that were - you guessed it - broken, and miscellaneous stuff that's truly crap the past few times.

Unless I've just got really terrible luck, or the Woot! gods have it in for me, maybe it's time to be a little less crazy about the BoCs.


@psaux: My last 2-3 BoC's were as crappy as yours. I don't feel upset if I miss it anymore.. It's just more broken junk I won't have to toss when it gets here..

Although I have not received a BOC since they were supposedly improved.. but I'm still skeptical


1) Be ready for it (logged in and sitting at your computer)

2) Have a fast Internet connection

3) Be lucky


Be an insider or find an auto buy system that I'm willing to bet some people use. It's either automated systems or an automated DDOS. No other reason for the connection errors. Humans can't make that many requests so fast and in such a short period of time.