questionshow does woot plus differ from moofi?


Simple. Woot! Plus upside down is Moofi blns.


woot! plus? Just another way to stuff the EX-1 deal a day site w/many, many more deals. Oh, and I think most of the plus deals last longer than 1 day. So now it's many deals a day w/some of them lasting for days.


@mikecris: I couldn't have done it better. Nice answer!


There's so many woot sites now I don't think even staff can keep track of which is which and why there are different ones.


it's yet another opportunity for woot to evolve from a deal-a-day site into full-fledged retail front. just because they offer far fewer products than papa amazon doesn't make them the same ol' woot they were 2+ years ago. all told.


No official answer. That's kinda disappointing.