questionsmy 2 year old acer aod250 isn't charging... timeā€¦


I'd run through whatever tests you can before deciding to upgrade. Every now and then, my MagSafe light doesnt turn on, but still charges. There are a few places on campus where it doesn't charge either...still runs off the adapter, just doesn't charge the battery.

Try cleaning up all the terminals, they can get dusty or dirty. If the battery is removable, try running it without the battery in. If it doesnt turn on at all, you know it's the cable and not the battery. I'm sure there are a couple hardware resets you can do too, google will help you there


Are you sure it isn't the charger? I had this problem with my refurb Acer iconia A500 when I first got it. I bought a new charger and it charges fine now.


New battery is under $20 on eBay - New charger is under $10.

Why not find someone else with the same laptop, and swap batteries/chargers?

Alternatively, wanna sell your dying laptop?