questionsdo you miss the tracking number in e-mails?


no, you didn't miss it.
yes, i do want it back.
sounds like something we should all go to beta feed back and tell them.
here is an easy cut and paste if you don't want to type out your own message:

woot emails saying our packages have shipped no longer have the tracking number. please bring it back. thank you.


Thanks, @moosezilla! I definitely did this. I didn't see any other posts complaining about it. Hopefully people will see this and request it and we'll be somewhat back to business as usually. I still <3 Woot! though.=)


@intensesupernova: We're definitely still reading feedback. Keep it comin'!


Great question, I definitely would like the tracking # back...


To quote my favorite monkey, "Put it back!"


I noticed and it deeps annoys me, because it was easy to click on the tracking link from my email, but now it requires logging in and several clicks to reach the tracking info. On my phone especially, it is a huge pain because the new site is not mobile-friendly. I submitted this to Beta a while ago...

Tip: I realized just this week that USPS gives you the option to request tracking updates via email, so I did that. I'd still prefer them in my shipping email from woot, but at least I was able to tell when something had been delivered without logging in and clicking six to seven times.

FWIW, I suspect woot did this on purpose, as it's a great way to drive up page views for their ad revenues.


I just got a package from the Overlords (came in one day instead of two!), and it included the tracking. You would think the red-headed step child could get the same type of information in on their shipping notices.


I would appreciate an email that didn't come after I received the item(s).


Yes. I like the tracking number in the emails. It was very convenient.


Will send the feedback comment suggested by @moosezilla right now.

Edit: Rather, I will send it as soon as the feedback button on this page works (lets me enter comment, but not send) or the other woot forums come back up and try one of the feedback buttons over there. I'm starting to get a complex that they don't want to hear from me anymore. :-/


Alright, I sent it to the beta feedback. Still couldn't do it just by clicking on the button,'s like the bottom have was missing and there was no way to scroll down. Did it by rt-clicking to open it in a new tab (FF), and it was fine. Not sure if that's a bug or not. Hmmm....maybe should send that info, too.


I thought the same thing yesterday and sent it in via beta feedback. Good thread OP!


But I love clicking on a link in my email and logging in and looking for the tracking number! It's like a scavenger hunt!