questionswhy do i have a $5 amazon mp3 credit?


I don't have one. Amazon gives $1 credits for buying some products. Maybe you bought several and didn't notice the line about the credit. It's easy to ignore, I think it says something about rewards not credits.


Did you join Scott Shared Values on 9/6/12? I couldn't remember who had the promotion so I went to SlickDeals and looked it up. Everybody and their brother signed up for that one.

Edit: I have a Deal Alert set up for Amazon MP3 credits and that's the only one for $5.00.


There was one recently for a facebook like


There's also the Unilever care package that gets you $5 credit, but that one's pretty well advertised.

I suggest just contacting Amazon, asking why you have it/ if its a mistake.


@thedogma: yeah, just look real hard at the mouth on this gift horse.