questionswhat is the best brand of cat6 patch cable to buy?


Buy? I thought everyone took that kind of thing from their office. ;-)


@missellienc: Looks like a lot of options in the sizes which is good. I just upgraded my router and I'm looking to upgrade some of the cables. It helps to have lots of sizes because there is more option for placement. Any other options I can compare with these?


I haven't ordered from them in a while, but RiteAV has some amazingly inexpensive cables. I've bought a few coax and ethernet cables from them. All are still working today. (The oldest bought ~5 years ago.)

Unless you're ordering a lot, the shipping cost makes this a clear loser to monoprice, though.

This isn't a product I bother going brand crazy for. I've never had any issues using no-names for patch cables.


Agree with @gregorylikescheapstu. Unless you're doing something like setting up a datacenter with long runs of cables in areas with potentially high interference, it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Just get whatever's cheapest in the length you need. Monoprice also has a lot of colors, so you can match it to your decor.


Thanks, I didn't know if brand was an issue cause sometimes it is. It's good to know that I can go with the cheapest cables.


@cornutnc: Watch out I have been putting stuff in my cart since I found out about Monoprice (thanks fellow woot dealers. So far I have cables, and a TV arm for wall mounting my TV a switch for composite cables and wall plates. Still cheaper the wall mount arm from my local stores, so I should really not complain.


Yet another vote for Monoprice. Can't go wrong with their cables. The monitor arm I bought from there, while not perfect, is also way more affordable for my smaller monitor than something like the Ergotron arm I have on my larger monitor. (Would not use a cheapo arm on the large one though...)


@caffeine_dude: Probably. Reviews on Monoprice seem to be pretty reliable.

Monitor arm I bought was this model:

Only problem with it is that the monitor itself isn't perfectly level, and that is more of a factor of the arm positioning (and how the arm sags only ever so slightly, but enough to create the issue) than anything else. If you have the arm just right, you don't notice it. If the monitor isn't directly next to the larger monitor, you don't notice it. I think others commented on this in the reviews.

There is also a light vibration to it if I type with the arm completely extended, however I type hard, and it is the two-segment arm, so that doesn't surprise me. I don't have an Ergotron arm that would be a match to this one (just the bulky heavy duty one for my P2770HD tv) however I am guessing this is the case with any arm that extends this far.


Another option is bulk cable. Monoprice has this for sale, but you can find it lots of places. (I would trust the Monoprice quality, so I'd probably buy theirs...)

That, the crimp tool, and a bag of the connectors (maybe some connector jackets to make it pretty and keep the tab safe) can get you most any size cable you need, if you are willing to do a little extra work. If I had the disposable income for it (and hadn't just spent said income on a used wine fridge that is just OK) I would be doing the same. Being able to have cables at exactly the length you need is very nice, makes cable management a lot easier.


@mrzman: Even if you were doing something like that, Monoprice sells STP cables. If you were doing something that large scale you could probably get a better price going mfg. direct or something though.


I purchase all my cables and supplies through They offer very good quality materials for inexpensive prices. They also provide a lot of the hardware associated with using Cat5E and Cat6 Cables. This has worked best for my needs.