questionsabout the noise cancelling option-do they blockā€¦


That depends on entirely what kind of product you're talking about. Something you found through Deals.Woot? Something for sale at one of the Woot! sites?

For headphones, noise cancelling essentially block all outside sound by complementing the external sound with a sound in opposite phase of what it picks up with its microphone.


The ironic net result of noise cancellation technology is that it actually makes those yakking passengers and crying babies EASIER to hear.

You want noise ISOLATING headphones.


I've found that a good over-the-ear headphone with noise canceling technology does the trick on flights, etc (I have the Beats by Dre). The over the ear design blocks out most of the sharp noises, like crying babies, etc. The noise canceling feature does just that -- it cancels out background noise (engine, wind, etc). You can still hear the little "bing" in case the attendant or captain need to tell you to put on your seatbelt, etc.


Lol for some reason I pictured you wanting this in the car perhaps while driving said yakking, crying bleeting folks.... I guess everyone else assumed an aeroplane.