questionswhere can i find snl performances online if they…


Hulu seems to have all the SNL episodes in full, or at least they have 736 episodes that are all over an hour long so I assume that it is all the episodes in full.
Almost all of them are only available on hulu plus however. If you dont have hulu plus and haven't had it before they seem to give out 10-30 day free trials pretty regularly.
They also have thousands of clips for free, but I do not know if any of the clips are of the musical guests.


ABC has recent episodes/clips on their site.

Netfilx has a large catalog of SNL.


Second the HULU suggestion. I think they have every episode, uncut.


Great question. I even contacted NBC about this. My #1 gripe was that they pull everything SNL-related from YouTube, but don't offer many full episodes on their site. If they're not gonna make them available, and they're not on DVD/On Demand, at least let other sites host them.


What about old SNL? Aykroyd/Belushi/Chevy Chase era? Eddie Murphy era? Mike Myers/Dana Carvey/Kevin Nealin era?

I was trying to find that skit where Mike Myers is playing Mick Jagger while Mick Jagger is playing (a barely intelligible) Keith Richards. The only place I could find it was on some Kazakhstani site.


Hulu or or whatever can't call itself a repository of SNL until they put that skit with Robert De Niro reading terrorist names up there . . .


@metaphore: Hulu might be my best bet. I've used up the Plus trial though, I guess I'll just have to hope they send me one of those "Please come back to us" deals. Thanks!


@thedogma: @rayray8822: As @ceagee said, Netflix streaming has all the old SNL episodes. I just watched some shows with the classic Gilda, Belushi, Chevy, Akroyd and Garrett Morris lineup.

Some of the episodes are cut down due to rights to music (as well as the musical performances) and some sketches that just didn't survive the trip over, for some reason. But most of them are intact, and all the great episodes you remember seeing when growing up are right there.

I can't comment on their availability on Hulu or Hulu+, as I don't use them. I know no new episodes are put on Netflix right away, but are available on Hulu almost immediately.


@curtisuxor: I'm looking specifically for the musical performances, though. I don't think any of the SNL episodes on Netflix include them. Hulu might, I'll have to join Plus with a secondary email and give it a shot.