questionsanyone else craving cake?


So.... Saturday was the only day this month we weren't supposed to break 90. Thus I baked for about an hour and a half. I made 4 cakes (strawberry, lemon, chocolate, and cinnamon) and two types of brownies. None hung around long enough to get iced. All that is left is the dirty pans I cooked them in.

Cupcakes have their pluses and minuses. They are SOOOOO much easier to serve, and worse to ice. They are also easier to forget portion sizes for.

I have a receipe from an aunt that is for an amazing fruit cake--nothing similar to that christmas time thing. It involves a can of fruit cocktail or two and a glaze drizzled into it while warm.


@Inkycatz - weren't we promised cake last week?


@mtm2: The cake is a lie. (Sorry, somebody had to say it.)


@moosezilla: Yum! Those all sound good. I'd be curious what goes into the cinnamon cake, if you'd be willing to share. Your post inspires me to try baking a gluten-free cake, simply because your cakes sound so good! (Although it's the frosting that I'm not sure how to make corn-free, soy-free, nut-free... I'm more a fan of frosting than cake - cake is just the delivery vehicle for frosting - which is why I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes: the shape means that the ratio of cake:frosting varies.)

@mtm2: I think it was @pemberducky who promised cake. What kind of cake will be it, @pemberducky?!?

@jsimsace: There's a shirt for that. :)


@mtm2: @pemberducky ! Got a question about cake for you!

My favorite kind of cake is actually the kind of cake I don't have to make, although when it is in season, I'm wickedly fond of a filled king cake (plastic baby included or it is not legit!). This year I had apple filling.

I like cupcakes a bunch though. It's all the cake without having cake leftovers hanging around getting stale or boring.


@inkycatz - King Cake is great, and living in Mobile AL - where Mardi Gras started - you can bet there is PLENTY around here then.


@neuropsychosocial: I think you're right - Pemberducky was the one that promised.

Thanks for correcting me. But then, Inkycatz might have to help ducky remember.


@mtm2: @gatzby tasked us to help remind in this effort, therefore, I do what I'm told.

It's not really a complicated life I've got here, you see.


@mtm2: i promised a cake for our dear @devexityspace! now it's out of control!

@neuropsychosocial: still mulling over options.
whatever it is, it will be crappy. the crappiest quit cake evar!
and in that way, it will be so special.


@pemberducky: the crappier the better!!

Am I the only one who just pictured a cake in the shape of a Cardboard Woot Box or "BoC with '?'" rofl