questionswhat is the best note taking application for mac?


I use two note app:

1) Evernote, I put everything into Evernote, text, images, articles, links... everything I think I will use it in future. Collect > Search, this is how I use evernote.

2) Memonote, All notes I want to remember. Spaced Repetition + Reminder, It's good for long term memory.


@inkycatz: Evernote is great for store information, and it's easy to access anywhere.


I like Notefile - it's available & syncs between my Macbook (it's a dashboard widget, so always available no matter what you're doing) and iOS, plus I can access it on the web on my work Windows computer.

as an unrelated thing, I'm very jealous about your new retina Macbook! I'm hoping someday...