questionswill recertified flash memory be any less…


I hope not I got one. Figure I will store music on it and if it goes oh well.


you might luck out and get James Bond's secret documents, or someone's sexy pics stash

but for real, i don't think it would be any different than a used thumb drive. they're both constantly rewritable memory. (my guess)


They are rewritable, but there is a limit to how many times you can write to them. Fortunately, that number is extremely large and by the time you get there you will have replaced it anyway.


It all depends on how much it was used prior to its recertification. Like rprebel said, flash can only be written to a finite number of times.


It also depends on the quality of the flash (which goes for original, as well). No-names or off brands will buy marginal flash memory in bulk, which is flash that may have not passed rigorous name-brand tests, but do pass tests when the test criteria are loosened up. It could work for a good long time or it could die after a few uses. It's a gamble.

If you want reliable memory, go with a quality name brand.


You can't refurbish flash memory cheaply. So, I'd imagine it's just erased and sent out the door. It will not have the full amount of erase cycles. As a previous poster pointed out, that number is very large, so you're probably ok unless its cheap flash memory.


I'd save money elsewhere. Although for non-critical data it may be fine.

For video, I need Class 10 (fast) flash memory - if it's slower than 'rated' this could impact taking videos adversely. And new is not really very expensive.

Kind of like 'used', for example for car parts - some stuff may be OK, but most junkyards simply won't sell used brake parts...

I've purchased 're-certified' (used) monitors, 3.5" floppy drives (heck they mostly don't get used anyway) but never anything critical (PS, memory, etc.).

Sometimes you may find new cheaper than 're-certified' - discontinued items are generally 'new'.


I'm always amused when folks ask for recomendation AFTER the purchase.

Heck, you've already got it - use it - it'll probably be just fine.