questionswhat do you do about junk mail that keeps coming…


Best bet is to set up a filter (gmail), but with all those different addresses it would be hard. With a crazy addy like that I'm surprised your spam filter isn't catching it already.

Otherwise, you probably want to consider setting up a separate email address to use when you sign up for free stuff. Nonetheless, this is reason number 1 why I don't sign up for those dang free samples.


@meh3884: Couldn't have said it better myself.


set up a free email for signing up for free crap.
Otherwise, just click to mark it as spam, eventually it seems to die down.


Switch to gmail or gApps if you have a domain name. Or if you want to keep using a hosted (in house or out sourced) server, subscribe to a high quality spam filter. Quite honestly, I've tried them all, from the cheap to the very costly Barracuda devices and none of them work as well as gmails.

If you run Exchange and don't mind putting some work into it, you can use Vamsoft ORF, which is a great product and VERY inexpensive. But takes time for the Exchange admin to tweak.


I use

You can make addresses like and it will relay 2 emails to you and trash all that follow.

There are a whole bunch of features like whitelisting from domains and other cool stuff