questionsany hp touchpad owners here?


I have a Touchpad, though I haven't put CM9 on it. But I am considering doing it soon. As is, it's okay. I mainly use it as an entertainment device while traveling, but at home it doesn't get much use. I was lucky to pick mine up in the fire sale for $150, but I would definitely not pay $250 for it.


I have, or have had, both the Transformer and the TP at one point. I believe the Asus is the better product, and if you already have the dock, I cannot see moving down to the TP for usefulness. If your only reason for buying another is because you are "bored", grab a used one for less on eBay.

FYI....if you follow the comments on the actual sale, there is an unbelievable amount of information being given out by the lovers and haters of this device. You will learn all you need, can ask questions there, and keep people from repeating the same information here.


No way I'd pay $250 for it.


$250 would have been a good price when it was first brought out, but since the firesale $250 has been a joke price.

My touchpad is nice, but I run cm7 havent moved to 9 yet as I dont often mess with it. I originally bought it because it was so cheap and I was tired of dragging my netbook around.


I have a Touchpad running CM9 with ice cream sandwich on it and there are some cool things you can do on it, but you have to be willing to read and look things up or have a friend that likes to do that kind of stuff. Though I haven't done a lot on my Touchpad mainly because I bought it for my wife, CM9 does open a lot of avenues with Android apps.

It is too bad that WebOs was canned because it was stable and easy to use, its nice that you can dual boot when you mod it which is nice because my wife prefers to use WebOs

I bought mine during the fire sale for $150 and only got it because I did not own a tablet yet and wasn't sure how much it would get used and thought the price was justifiable. As others have stated buying it for $250 is not worth it especially considering you have a comparable tablet already.


I run CM9 on my 16 gb Touchpad. I have not used WebOS since I installed CM9. Camera does not work on CM9, so no skype or other video calling....

I use CM9 because of the selection of Android Applications that I use on a regular basis are there. WebOS is nice by the way, and was just fine for me until CM9 became available for the Touchpad.


I managed to snag the last one at my Best Buy when they did the initial fire sale. I've got CM9 on it, and other than the camera (which I don't use anyway), it works great. Apps run smoothly on it. If you are just going to stick with webOS, that is fantastic too. I use android mostly because there are more apps that I use there. If there were more apps for webOS, I'd probably just stick with that. As an operating system, it is great.


I have decided to wait for the next Asus tablet or the Asus Nexus tablet from Google. I am experienced in Android and mobile phones and tablets all together and would have no problems loading CM9 up on this thing. The problem is, the more I think about it, the worse $250 sounds for an old, outdated tablet that went for $150 just a few months ago.

Thanks for everyone's input. I appreciate it.


@housry23: I think you made a good decision. I purchased the 32GB TP from the firesale as well. As much as I love the tablet, I don't use it that much because I prefer to have a real keyboard.

CM9 is fantastic, but it does have issues with the camera/microphone not working and does have some issues with WiFi. Not everyone has the WiFi issues, but I know I do. What happens is, every half hour or so it loses connection and I have to keep rebooting the TP until the WiFi comes back.


You'll get bored with the touchpad faster than you did with the transformer. You have your fun rooting it and customizing it and then you get sick the bugs and the data wipes and how a lot of things just don't work right. I like the form factor of the touchpad better, but it just isn't up to par with other devices that cost the same amount for a refurb.

I gave up my touchpad and now have an a500 (which I'm pretty bored with, too :( Call me cynical, but I think tablets are overrated.

edit: Saw that you decided not to...good idea


I have HP with CM7. I have a question for CM9 users. I have noticed some issues with some programs, that use the GPS can not see the GPS. Lotus Traveler crashes when opened and Talkin Tom 2 is so slow it does not work.
Anyone else noticing this stuff?


Have one, running webos and homebrew. Is decent. Doubt I'll bother with other OSes on it since I'd rather just get another device to cover that territory. Currently it's my only tablet, and I haven't felt a real need to collect more. Guess I'm getting too old to still get excited over gadgets and digging into OS internals.

Do look into the homebrew stuff if you get one. Just remember that some of the homebrew stuff needs to be uninstalled before upgrading webos, then reinstalled again after. You can backup the installed apps/patches list for easier reinstall though.


@caffeine_dude: The HP Touchpad does not have an internal GPS.


@cleverett: That is not true, google maps knows where I am. I can turn off GPS in the settings.


@caffeine_dude: Dude that's because of your WiFi, it doesn't have GPS.


Unless you're a hardcore android tinkerer, stick with the Transformer. Where Android is concerned, the transformer is a far more stable experience. I have the Touchpad, my coworkers have Transformers. I'm glad I saved $$$ but CM9 is still pretty buggy (functional, but lots of force close/weird issues). Camera and mic still do not work in CM9. Wifi drivers have gotten better, but some people still report issues. Calendar is hit-or-miss as to whether it will sync or not. There are audio issues on mine when the screen is off. I'm constantly watching the CM9 changelogs praying that some of my issues will end up on the fix list.

In my experience, it's been fun to mess around with, and is relatively inexpensive. If you're comfortable with this sort of technology, and don't mind bugs and crashes the CM9 issues aren't all that bad.

All that being said, if you didn't already own a tablet, I'd say go for it. I'll trade you straight up if you're REALLY looking to pick up a touchpad :).


@callit: Haha! You'll trade me straight up huh? Well, I am comfortable with this sort of technology. I've been rooting, hacking and customizing Android for about 2 years now. I'm internet friends with the guys that are developing CM9 for the Touchpad(lol). With that being said, I have decided to hold off on buying a tablet until the Asus Infinity Prime comes out. It looks like it's gonna be a fantastic device with a better resolution than the new ipad. I'll then be putting my Asus Transformer up for sale. I have the keyboard dock that goes with it. They are both in pristine condition. I'd sell them both right now if your interested.


@housry23: haha - there's a reason I picked up the Touchpad, and it wasn't because I really love HP.

I just couldn't justify the $500+ on the transformer+dock - or any tablet really. Mainly because I knew it would just be another toy.

Oh well. the trade was worth a shot :D