questionsis it worth buying a fitbit force if you already…


I was totally in your shoes a few months back. I eventually decided on the Force and I do like it better. Having a built in clock and a numeric tally of your steps is a lot more awesome than I thought it would be (compared to just the 5 dot thing on the Flex). Having the floor count is nice too since Seattle is so hilly, it's great to have the inclines count against my calorie goals too. I don't love the band on the Force as much though, the clasp doesn't seem to be as sturdy on this one. I also don't love that you have to attach the entire Flex to your computer when charging since the actual counter part doesn't come out of the band. BUT battery life is so so much longer.

Ultimately though you're not missing THAT much. The Flex is still rad. But I do really like the Force, just don't feel like you need to switch if you're stretched on cash or feel like you're getting enough from your Flex right now.


Oh- and one more thing- the Flex band seems more fragile, maybe? Within the first couple months, I had torn part of it and contacted their CS. They ended up having to send me a whole new one since the actual Fitbit doesn't pop out. I am kinda bummed too that I can't just change bands on the Force.


The thing that really drives me nuts is wearing a separate watch and that seems like it would makes things much easier, plus the added benefit of actually seeing the steps instead of the ambiguous range of the dots. Bummer about the band though, so the force never really leaves the band?


I have the force and my wife has the flex.

The force you can't change the band - bummer, but it makes charging it a little easier because you dont have to pop it out of the band, just plug it in.

The force is bigger and clunkier - not a problem for me but stops my wife from wanting to trade.

The watch on the force and the readout are nice, for sure. However that is the only feature of value imho.

The elevation / flights of stairs tracking is awful compared to my old fitbit one which was spot on. I've had this thing be off by as many as 80 flights of stairs in a day.

If you're the type of person who would want a watch, the force is great. If you look at your phone for the time anyway, i'd probably save the cost difference and get a flex.


Didn't they stop selling the Force - there's a communication from the CEO on their website about the stoppage and voluntary recall (link below). It has to do with people's allergic reaction to the nickel in the stainless steel used in the bracelet. This does affect a very small percentage of the people. Note that this is also an issue when it comes to watches.


@first2summit: it's a bummer @rogetray is on vacation to comment about his, he was one of the supposed few who were developing rashes. He had not taken it off for a while so when he got the warning email the rash was a sudden surprise to him, it was super gross!

That's a good point though, this seems like this has been a big enough deal for them that they'll probably come out with another version soon-ish, but who knows.


The Force has been recalled due to skin rashes. Check it out:

Of course, you could just buy one and stick a piece of tape on the back to prevent direct contact with your skin, but who wants to do that?


I have used both the flex and the force. I feel that the force measured steps more accurately, and includes the ability to measure flights of stairs. One of the main reasons I purchased the force was for the watch feature.

But, I am one of the small percentage that has experienced the rash from the force. I have returned it, and am using my old flex. The Force has an altimeter, (might be slightly wrong in the description), but it allows more of a gps feature, as opposed to steps on a pedometer.

My case in point is shopping-I go to the grocery store and push a cart. With the Force, I see steps and active minutes, with the Flex I see little change. I know that I am in the store from wall to wall, and move in a fast pace. So, I think the lack of steps on the Flex is because I have my hands on the cart, instead of using a normal arm swing, if any of this makes sense.


The Force is currently unavailable for purchase. I'd judge the most likely cause of the rashes reported is a nickel allergy from the stainless steel in the bracelet.

Nickel allergy is the most common hard metal allergy, and a very common cause of rashes related to jewelry. The allergy isn't to the Ni metal, but to a metalloprotein complex which forms in the skin when the nickel binds to proteins in the body. I have had problems from time to time with getting a rash where my watch back contacts my wrist: this usually corresponds to times when I'm wearing the watch for long periods and not taking it off.

EDIT: I have a Fitbit Force that I bought several months ago when I thought I had lost my Fitbit One. In between ordering it and it's delivery I found my Fitbit One (it fell off when I was walking the dog: found it a few days later when I was walking him again). (Cont)


Anyway, I have a new-in-box Fitbit Force. I see that they are now selling on Ebay for around 170 and up. Should I sell this bad boy and buy another when them come on sale again?


I would sell it- I've seen it go for more than $170