questionswhy did you have kids?


Yes I would recommened it to others - just don't have more kids then you can afford.

The first kid I was just out of highschool and you know things happen. The second was well though out and planned.


I needed the organs, but the little buggers turned out so cute that I just couldn't follow through with it.


@nafsllib: Thanks for the reply! Why did you plan to have #2? Was the first so much fun you wanted to do it over again? Did you want the 1st to have a sibling? Etc... I guess I'm more curious on the reasoning behind planned children. I don't mean to pry, so I understand if my questions are too personal.


@bsmith1: We wanted the oldest child to have a sibling. I was initially against it in that I thought I wanted to be able to give my daughter everything in the world and having two would just make it more difficult, but my (now ex) wife was able to talk me into it.

I don't regret any of it in the slightest bit.
I don't regret having kids young (the first at 19, the second at 23)
I don't regret having more than 1
I don't regret getting married young
and I don't regret getting divorced.

My ex and I now share custody 50/50. We have equal time, equal parenting responsibilities and equal expenses when it comes to the kids.

Again, I highly recommend having children, there is no better feeling then staring at pictures of your children sitting at your desk, gazing in awe as you watch them in school plays, bragging to others about how your kids is a great athlete or student or how they started walking younger then anyone else's kids. Parenting is just the greatest thing you can do in life.


Because I stopped touching myself at night.

At least that's what I think my reasoning will be, as I have no kids.


I needed someone to cut the grass and vaccume the floor. Only had one kid, so he had to do all the jobs, always thought I should have a few more to spread the work around but... never did.

After he moved out I bought a new house and a ride on lawnmower... yea it pissed him off, but by then I was older, richer, and my knees were bad.

Kids are also a joy, but I advise waiting until you've lived it up and traveled before starting the family, cause once the kids come there is no time and no money. They consume every spare minute and every dime.


"Because slavery was abolished years ago!"
At least that was my fathers excuse. My first is well on its way. :)


To help out with the farm. Raising children to be responsible black triangle members of society is a challenge of its own, but they are very helpful when running a farm.


Don't have any yet, but God willing, we will. I like kids. I grew up with 4 sibs and it was da bomb.


So the reasons so far are:
1) To give a surprise child a sibling
2) They're fun and/or enrich your life
3) To do work around the house
Anything else?

We've adopted 3 cats, but that was to "give them a better life". Also cats aren't so demanding. (financially or time-wise) They are cute and fun at times, but a pain in the neck other times.

I guess I can see adopting a child to give them a better life and to make them do housework but I don't see the real draw in procreating... I guess it'd be interesting to see how my own kid turned out, but much time and money (and pain for the wife) involved to satisfy that curiosity...


Why I didn't have kids: Four younger brothers and sisters. I was left alone to care for them routinely by the time I was 12. By the time I was a teenager I had changed hundreds of diapers and never did think the little rugrats were all that cute. My sister and brothers have had kids, and I like the Aunt relationship. No diapers to change, but I take them when they are old enough and teach them how to eat with chopsticks and enjoy art house films and horse back ride. I get to be the cool aunt.


Tax deductions, and to build up my imune system through exposure to all the germs they bring home from school.


because the little line was a + sign


@mkentosh: I literally LOL'd when I read this.


@mkentosh: I ... agree.
I've got six kids from five women. I'm not bragging. Only one kid (my youngest) was preplanned- with me in on the planning. All the rest were "Whoopsie! Look what happened!"
Why do women decide to have a kid when the relationship starts to sour?
Or: "I forgot to take my pill". For what, like two months?
One woman turned out to be from a branch of the Irish Travelers. Her mom had seven kids from five fathers- and they all paid child support, all from different states.
I gotta admit, tho, when I'm single I'm a slut. A wiggle, a giggle, a couple of jiggles and wham! I'd fall right on her back.
I love all my kids- even the ones I'm not too sure about. Watching them grow up, trying to be a better parent than my own were, wondering how they turned out that way- all part of the deal.