questionshow did you get $40 from jumbowoot?


$40 was for being active everyday.

FWIW, I think I was short by one day, as I'm on Woot every night doing shirt stats anyways. Except for that one day my internet was out at home.


I find it interesting that anyone who got $40 had to have wooted on Thanksgiving, Black Friday AND Cyber Monday.

"Come to the table, turkey's getting cold!"
"Can't. Wooting."

"I'm going to the mall. Wanna come with me?"
"Can't. Wooting."

"These other sites have good deals today. You should check them out."
"Can't. Woo... well, I guess I could open a new tab."


@wingnutzero: Creepy are you in my house?
Who would downvote this question?
Thanks Jumbowoot!


@wingnutzero: I find it interesting that you WEREN'T wooting Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Some may consider that reason to question your dedication to the cause..


@inkycatz: It's a losing battle. But I respect your dedication :)

[ed; and this has just been the morning crowd, my money says we're gonna see at least a few more.. I think a lot of people just see it as low hanging reputation fruit]


That's what I get for going on vacation :-(

As Maxwell Smart would say...missed it by thaaat much!


@drchops: we have a cause? why didn't i get the memo?


Apparently, I have given my life over to Jumbowoot in exchange for $40 and the ability to see some good deals now and then. Most people familiar with me would say it's an even trade...


@caffeine_dude: I wouldn't say it's creepy, exactly, but I do have to tell you that the woots are coming from inside the house!


when was the last time toon wooted on all those days?


i'm actually happy clam with my little jumbo award, thanks for the past 5 yrs of stuff guys!


@wingnutzero: Haha that was me! I actually used my sweetheart's laptop during a 3-day weekend getaway to vote for sponsored deals and check out the daily woots... it only took about 5 minutes too :3


@carl669: I didn't want to be the one to tell you man...ohhhh...this is hard..

You're out.. yeaaahhh. Sorry guy.


what if you were on the site, but not signed in? : (


What / who is Jumbowoot? Today is the first time I have seen this.