questionswhere is @snapster? have we been abandoned?


I know I run the risk of this question disappearing in a heartbeat. I'll hold my breath for a few minutes.

The sentiment's sincere, though.


My theory is that the MAIN MAN is hiding out, as the 2012 Monkey Games are approaching and last year he sustained an injury.

Sir, I hope you have recovered and the injury did not harm your screaming, flying monkey accuracy.


@inkycatz: "Awww" is not much of an answer.


@theoneill555: What monkey games? My daily email left out all monkeys and I hope they will be back tomorrow.


I get the feeling amazon forced him out and then implimented these "changes" to woot. With the 20 Items per page now with "woot+" instead of the origionally intended one, etc.


Aw, he's still around. My limited understanding would imply he's probably been busy and worried about the site redesign. Hopefully he'll be back around when his life lets him.


@ruger9mm: Oh, no. Au contraire. There is strong evidence otherwise. I really don't see Amazon's purchase of Woot as being at the root of anything, truthfully. You could as easily ascribe the changes to other influences. Amazon owns MANY properties, and is smart enough to just leave them as wholly owned subsidiaries. I wish Yahoo! had been so clever when the acquired Flickr (among other properties), or Microsoft when they acquired Hotmail (Jeeze, but I'm old).


@agingdragqueen: Hugs and kisses, and thanks. The redesign sucks beyond belief, but then, I didn't like the last one, either. Shrdlu==Stick-in-the-mud.

{I'm also seeing some real caching problems, and the site seems hideously slow, across browsers and operating systems.}


@agingdragqueen: Thanks, that is good to hear.

I stand corrected. I will hang my head in shame, and go sit quietly in the corner. At least until I can draw wildly unsuported conclusions about something else. :-P


@shrdlu: Hot... mail? Is that like xanga or myspace?


I'm new-ish and not very familiar with who he is. I must say, however, that someone called "The Taco Guy" intrigues me. I would like to know more.


@shrdlu: it sounds like you can understand there are a lot of emails to read ;)


@abitterwoman: The nearest thing I can do for you is to suggest you read this.

Please pay special attention to the link entitled "A Preface from Matt Rutledge" (sorry that I can't link directly to it).

Matt, aka @snapster, is the founder and clever guy who thought up this dizzying party we all know. His avatar is a Taco; hence my affectionate nickname for him.


@shrdlu: Look at this for a while using your netscape navigator. : p I love the speakers and the purple!

edit I was having issues with speed until I rebooted. I also cleaned my Chrome cache for an unrelated tweak.


@caffeine_dude: No need for me to reboot to say that it's slow. I have:

Win7: Chrome, IE, and Firefox
WinXP: IE, Firefox
Ubuntu (10.04 LTS): Firefox
Ubuntu (11.10): Firefox
FreeBSD: Ancient Firefox
OpenBSD: Slightly less ancient Firefox
MacOSX: Firefox, Safari

It's slow. There are caching problems. I recommend deleting all of Woot Plus and all of Local dot Woot, as a cure. {:::snicker:::}


i can just see @jumbowoot now, tweeting this to @snapster:

Jumbowoot123: @SnapsterCEO: LOL!! RT@woot: Where is atsnapster have we been abandoned
SnapsterCEO: @Jumbowoot123 haha! i''m @ the beach, enjoying my new sailboat! come on over the water's great!! RT@woot: Where is atsnapster have we been abandoned


Most likely he isn't gone, just sitting back and pondering what in the world happened to his unique site - the ONE deal per day innovation. It's now become glitzy & glamorous. The exact opposite of the original. Apparently the entire business model of woot has changed - from "One Deal A Day" to as many deals as we can stuff into the site. Things change. Some changes, such as real improvements, are good. Some are not.

Woot now has multiple, overlapping "one deal a day" offerings (woot, wine, & home). Oh, and w/the addition of woot plus, we can look at many, many deals that last longer than one day. Local.woot - remember when he introduced that & said part of the purpose was to have a social network? It languishes, yet remains. OTOH, if you note 1 recent question, perhaps deals.woot IS turning into that social FB type of site.

Not averse to change. Understand that the owner of the company has NO obligation to appear here. Just sad.


@shrdlu: Did you catch the April 1st woot link I sent? The I want one button jumped(April Fools joke).
I installed Netscape nav last year omg it was fast, but it could not do very much.

What is your internet speed?


@caffeine_dude: Whoa! The most recent woot was modern compared to those snapshots!

Purple speakers to match your purple computer!


@caffeine_dude: I saw it in the original. I joined Woot in 2006, after I retired, but I noticed Woot in early 2005, perhaps 6-8 months after they'd been around. It may even have been less. I discovered it while looking for something else. Isn't that always the way of things?

I don't have a consumer grade network. I have a synchronous connection, but it's off of fiber. It's fast enough, although nowhere near the speed of many cable connections nowadays. On the other hand, I share the bandwidth with no one.

I still often use Lynx to browse. Right now, it claims that Woot Central has HTML errors. It displays the pages, so they can't be fatal, but I had no interest in what they were, and didn't turn on a trace to see. I'm afraid I'm going to have to finally give up on my poor old Firefox (on Win7, anyway). There's just too many places that are really broken now, and it's becoming VERY inconvenient.

Why do you want to know what my speed is?


@snapster: It would be polite of you to chime in and let us know that you are still around, especially since this question is about you.


@caffeine_dude: Call me a doofus, but I miss Netscape. And something tells me @shrdlu:'s internet speed is something akin to warp. She made it so.


@jsimsace: Of course, you are correct. I thought that @agingdragqueen's helpful response was merely the forerunner of a direct assurance that he was fine, but just oh, so very busy. I have waited, sadly, in vain.

I'd be happy with a one-line comment. I am pretty sure he does not have notify if mentioned on, but I'm sure he knows of this question, unless he's been kidnapped by the dev team, and hidden away in some dank, dark dungeon in Redmond (they have them, I've seen them).

Hey, @snapster. The site is still too wide. Now, that should wake him up.

@lavikinga: You're a doofus. Hey, you asked. I'm just being cooperative and helpful.


@shrdlu: :P~ Glad I didn't mention Eudora...

You know, the new font has a faint aroma of comic sans, too.


@theoneill555: Thanks for the links! I especially liked the fact that the winning Assets Team evidently utilized some shorty Junior Interns for their winning game!


@lavikinga: But... but.... but I like Comic Sans!

(My son makes fun of me for using it, but I don't care.)


Now I'm sad. I saw the new posts, and looked, but there is still no Matt. I believe more and more in the Dungeon in Redmond theory.


Does woot have a dungeon (office) in Redmond that I don't know about?


Interesting deleted post. Warranted? Perhaps. Protective, certainly. Needed protection? - most likely not. Again. interesting.


@csunwold: Oh, no, not Woot. There are other places than Amazon, you know. It's a well known dungeon, but probably not one you've seen.


@shrdlu: It's where they put people that say "an" dungeon. Beware.


Favorite picture from the forums, discussing the changes.

Interesting to see that there's still been recent activity from Dave Bug, so I guess he's still around.

Interesting. In addition, I see now that he answered many of the comments when this abomination first went live.

I still don't understand the site redesign. It left out nearly every item that people have asked for over time (such as an improved FAQ for Deals), and is so noisy that I didn't even know a ladder was on sale the other day until a friend told me they'd bought one. Bummer.

Oh, well. Enough rambling. It'll be dawn in a couple of hours, and I'll find other entertainments.


Just so I can keep track of them, here's a few links from the World of Woot forums.

@unixrab referenced a few of his old comments from the last time there was a massive redesign, and the thread gained another page of comments, starting here: (Poll: What's your first impression of the new Woot?) (The Future! Your Guide To Our Brave New Woot)

That last one is so ironic I almost choked. One prefers the reference to Huxley's novel over Miranda's exclamation in The Tempest, but either one points out that the world seen is filled with dark undercurrents, and a thin, plastic coating of which is no more attractive than the latest botoxed Hollywood beauty.

Ah, well. So it goes. It was fun while it lasted. Mostly.


@shrdlu: Thank you for the links. For me, they're depressing. Have only read small amounts of each. Seems the majority of people have the same impression that I do.

Pity there's an absence of feedback from woot. Do tell, is this beta thing IT? Are you done? Are you listening? To me, BB King sings it best with The Thrill is Gone.

Thanks again, will attempt to read everything. Or, perhaps, not. I have that dreadful, "What's the point?" uneasiness. Very sad. Disappointed, too. I'm certain that my feelings come nowhere near yours.


@gmwhit: Ah. You must either be watching this thread very closely, or else you've "subscribed" to it. I had thought I was speaking only to myself (which I do, now and then, on older threads, if I want to keep track of things).

There was some commentary from Matt's brother (aka dave bug), and please note I just went OUT of my way to not invoke him. I am not looking for attention from anyone on staff. That commentary was on a question on Deals, though. Not a single staff person has made the slightest comment on those other threads on the forums.

I believe that Matt may have finished his contractual servitude, and has moved on. Dave R. is the head of the development group, and this redesign was probably a joint decision between he and S. Miller. I'd say more, but there's no point in it. Most of the current folks hanging out on Deals are mostly recent arrivals, and this will all blow over.

I'd guess that Woot's no longer profitable, but then, that wasn't Amazon's interest in it, anyway.


@shrdlu: Am subscribed. Honestly, I look closely at everything you post. Not a stalker, just have deep respect for you. As I've mentioned, I'm new - think I've been on deals about 8 or 9 months. I know nothing of the past history. I've been depending on you for that info.

Of course I noticed that you didn't invoke him. Fairly certain that others on staff are following this, and have notified him. Also, did not know of the kinship. ...And that's he's head of the group.

Sad to think that Matt may be gone. He was the essence of woot. Maybe that explains it. In total. You're right about everything blowing over. Most simply don't care on the deals side. Apathy? I'm not sure that's all of it. I really believe it's just not that important to them. Sight too glitzy & cluttered now? Oh well, I'll just go ahead & order anyway. More clicks? Who cares?

Joining you spitting (incorrect word) in the wind.


Buried as all questions are after a day or so. Not forgotten; at least I haven't. And yes, apparently @snapster has decided not to respond to invocations. Don't blame him. I probably would if I were him. It's just sad & disappointing. For me.


Hi everyone (who has email notifications turned on here + @shrdlu). I'm sorry I could not easily join in this discussion, but it was really nice to see that I was missed. I will soon be able to be closer than ever to the community!


@snapster: Aw, shucks, son. You provided plenty of entertainments, and it's been a good time. Stay well, and check in now and then.

@gmwhit: You had a precognitive event, apparently, since Taco Boy has now reappeared.


@snapster You were missed. A great deal, in fact. The redesign somehow didn't have your touch; I saw the lack of your branding. And, your absence in defending/explaining it.

Your leaving today took me by surprise - I was certain that it would be on the 30th...the 2 year anniversary of Amazon's acquisition. Felt you probably had a 2 year CEO contract & perhaps a non-compete clause.

Will continue missing you. The place just isn't the same. (Understatement!!) without you.

Best wishes to you in whatever you chose to do. Or not do. ;-)


@shrdlu: Yes, I agreed w/you that he was 'gone.' To me it was clear when he didn't respond to you & the uproar over the redesign. Don't blame him for leaving. Just selfishly sad about it.


@gmwhit: Actually, I'd had suspicions that something of the sort was up for quite some time. I used to specialize in forecasting, and I don't think it's a hat I can take off, retired or not. I hope that there's some sort of badge-like thing that will still go by his name, though, so that new folks coming up aren't confused when he gets the deference that some will continue to give him.

I'm not sure whether he did or did not have a hand in the site redesign. We'll probably not be privy to that information, and that's fine. All things pass away.

All is maya.

So it goes.