questionsis it just me, or is this a group of shills/sock…


The sock puppets and spammers were really bad this morning. Even had a Craigslist posting.


@pxb006: Saw that and tattled it.

I'm growing weary of the incessant shiny, blingy geegaws and "cheap" clothing being hawked by an unending line of Chinese websites. I guess it's all in the name of expanding the business, but there are so many of these posts that a genuine deal gets lost in the shuffle and can easily disappear down to Page 8 in the space of an hour or two.


Thanks for the heads up.
After reviewing those posts, we have determined that the site in question was not a good fit for this community.

All told.


@magic cave: Nice catch. Karma will reward you soon.


@magic cave: Thanks for getting rid of some riff raff!


I will miss our Engrish speaking friends.


pew pew pew. @magic cave saves the day!


Ok, I'm gonna fess up. I wasn't feeling good last night so I went to bed at 1am and slept through until 2pm that afternoon. I usually clean this stuff before you get here. It's totally my fault. I take complete blame.