questionswhat is your opinion of the hunger games series?


Though I haven't read any of them myself, I've only heard good things about them from my friends. I was sort of waiting for the movie to come out, but they've almost convinced me to read the books first.


Kinda related, as it convinced me to read the other two books:


Which is to say, yes. Read them! The second book is a bit redundant, and honestly, it would have worked best as a two book series. The whole love triangle thing is a bit meh, but hey, kids killing each other. Dark times! (Good times!) It's not happy reading. At all. I finished them and went, well, that was... dark.

It is however, fast reading.

And this old, old thread on regular woot may help you decide:

Amusingly, I'm wearing my "District 14" from shirt.woot :)


I have only read a few pages so I can't comment on how good it is yet. However, I wanted to comment that I bought the whole trilogy a while back for my Kindle for just $4.38, which is a fraction of the current price. I don't know if it would be worth waiting to see if it goes on sale again, but I suppose it may be less likely now with the movie release coming up and interest growing again.


It was awesome! A fast read for sure. If you are thinking about seeing the movie, I would definitely recommend reading the book first.

I read the series in about 4 days, also on my Kindle Fire.

If you read all 3 back to back, it can seem a little redundant. But keep in mind when these books first came out I believe each book was about a year apart, so I'm sure individually they felt pretty fresh then.


Funny you should ask. I just started it a couple weeks ago because of the shirt on Shirt.Woot. I'm really liking it. I just started the 3rd book. I agree it's a pretty easy/fast read yet thoroughly engrossing.


I loved the series. Once I started reading them time seemed to fly by. I think I polished off all three books in under two days and that's fitting it in around two jobs and a life. I would highly recommend them. Now it's on to the Barsoom series before John Carter comes out.

Edit. If you have amazon prime you can "rent" all three books for the kindle for free


once i started reading this book i couldnt stop i love this book so much i never really actuallly finished a book before but i for sure finished this one.... now i want to read the second book but everyone says its not as good