questionscan google voice save me money on my mobile bill?


The only way I have found this to save money is if you don't need to be mobile. You can use wifi to make calls with google voice. But, you can't go very far from the router/access point.


@benyust2: I still need to be mobile for when I'm on the road. Virgin has a $35/mo deal with unlimited data and messaging with no contract. That seems to be the best option going.

That'll save us money, of course, but we've never dealt with Virgin Mobile.


I don't know if this would work or not I don't have an active android phone at the moment to test this. There is an app in the Android Market called GrooVe IP its description says it makes phone calls using your Google Voice number over wi-fi or mobile data.
For your plan the best I think is Virgin Mobile. It is $35 a month for unlimited text & data, and that comes with 300 mins. They have some pretty decent phones too.
That is about $80 cheaper than Virgin sells them for.


Do you have free incoming calls? All calls you make you can change to incoming calls using google voice.


Thanks for the help, everyone!


@michaelkriss: I use GrooVeIP. Voice quality leaves something to be desired, it's not the best, but it works.


Skype will allow outgoing US-to-US calls over data on your smartphone for about $3/month. Skype will assign you a phone number so you can accept incoming calls for $18/3 months or $60/year.

You can have Skype spoof your Google Voice number for outgoing calls and have Google Voice forward incoming calls to your Skype number.


@burlow: Several prepaid and some contract(T-mobile is just 1) have text and data only plans in the $40 and below range- perfect for a Google Voice only user. I've got a regular plan and use GV for my 2nd line(different area code for folks with land lines).


You can save cell phone minutes using Google Voice but it is little tricky. You will have to put it on steroids using SipGate - it's fairly easy though. See this for more details