questionshow many tabs do you have open?


Um..... 17
(only counting the woot tabs)


Three. rarely more than that. My mail, a page I am interested in and a link off that page.


@menelekwastaken: cheers for the effort. about 20 min ago i closed the Google+ tab beacuse i figured it'd been since march since they posted :( i was too late w. ur link


Ironically enough I was too slow too because I shared it. Oh well! Better luck next time.


33...but I opened this thread in its own tab, so I had 32 open when I saw the question. Tabs are my reminders, my to-do list, my bookmarks... Good thing I use Chrome.

Oh, and I wasn't trying to get a BoC or anything. That's just normal for me.


This makes #10, but I many times have upwards of 25 going on different windows and/or browsers. Depends on whether it is deal-checking time. That is about 30 at a time in two different windows. I have a problem, I know. First step is admission....