questionswhat are some home remedies for the common cold?


Ok, you'll need to get a fifth of tequila, a rooster, 3 sweet potatoes, and some cat's milk...


The only thing that ever works for me is good ole-fashioned sleep, and lots of it. Everything else is just light temporary relief, with enough sleep, I only usually have one bad day that I am sick.


For the throat I would recommend green tea + honey + lemon, or Orange juice and lots and lots of water.

Also, try gurgling hot water with some salt.

I would also recommend taking a supplement to boost your immune system - that way you wont have any secondary infections setting into your lungs/ears.

SLEEEP! This weekend, if you can, sleep in.

Take ibuprofen - The best fever reducer you can get without a scip.

Make sure you clear your throat/lungs when you wake up and when you go to sleep. My personal techniques: trying to activate all the different vocal cords (doing a simple music scale helps) and vibrating your larynx. Don't be to rough though. Spend a minuet taking deep even breaths then trying to give two big coughs helps.

I learned all this from living in a house for two years w/o a proper air filter. Don't ask.


Zinc lozenges to boost your immune system.

Diphenhydramine (benadryl) for antihistamine effects to reduce itchy, tickly nose.

Pseudophed (the real stuff) to reduce nasal secretions.

Afrin nasal stray to open nasal passeges. Use only as directed/when you need it! People get addicted to it...

Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation of mucus membranes.

and of course, get plenty of rest and drink alot of water.

This little cocktail works great. It really reduces the symptoms and and the duration of the cold. It seems like alot, but it is worth it.


I'll second and third the -

sleep (lots and lots)
OJ (if not some form of vitamin C)
Water (if you can't keep it down, ice chips)


DayQuil & NyQuil each have 3 active ingredients, 2 of which are the same:

Acetaminophen (fever reducer, pain killer, aka "tylenol")
Dextromethorphan (cough suppressant, aka "DXM")

NyQuil has 50% more DXM than DayQuil (15mg vs 10mg per cap or "football"); the dosage of acetaminophen is the same for both (325mg/cap).

The real difference in the formulations is the 3rd active ingredient: NyQuil has doxylamine succinate (6.25mg/cap) which is an antihistamine (& also used as a sleep aid). DayQuil has phenylephrine (5mg/cap) which is a nasal decongestant (& mild stimulant).

The antihistamine works by blocking the histamine produced by your body, while the decongestant works by reducing swelling in your nasal passages. Based on your comment that NyQuil worked and DayQuil didn't, it sounds like you need more than a bit of reduced swelling.

You could try a half-dose of the NyQuil (along with coffee to counteract the drowsiness) taken twice as often, but this may leave you too tired.


@scarabkafer's suggested cocktail is another way to go, though if you already have DayQuil, adding some diphenhydramine (generic benadryl) will work and save you wasting the DayQuil. (Or take some pseudoephedrine (generic sudafed) with the NyQuil.)


Just pick a random liquid in your house and drink a glass of it. After 8 hours you'll either feel better or you'll be dead. If neither happens then repeat with another liquid until you get results.

Alternately you could just wait it out. Your choice.


1. Gargle with warm salt water three times a day.

2. Chicken soup.

3. If the cold has settled in your sinuses, flush them with a saline spray (Ocean Spray) three times a day. And steamy showers work well.

Now if you are interested in prevention;
1. Hand sanitizer and hand washing when outside your home. I'm not recommending you get crazy or anything, but when you have to be around lots of sick co-workers it's a life saver.

2. Saline mist spray, two squirts in each nostril twice a day. Gets at the infection before it can settle in and blow-up.

3. Multi-vitamin

As a FORMER cronic sufferer of a cold at least 4 times a year, this is what I've been doing for the past 4 years. I've had exactly two colds in four years. Going from 4 a year to 1 every other year is so worth the extra few minutes everyday.


Ohh and lots of sleep, as mentioned above.


For the blocked up nasal passages, a shower as hot as you can stand for as long as the water remains hot. The steam does help. I purchased one of those facial steamers, hoping it would take the place of the hot shower and I didn't get any relief from it. Saline didn't help, nose drops stopped working after a few hours. Humidifer didn't help. Sriracha hot sauce helped a little. Wasabi made my stomach upset and didn't really work. Vicks nasal inhaler helped a little. Nyquil nightime gel caps (only used 1) didn't work. Drinking lots of water, decaf green mint tea helped a bit.


I normally take an OTC (something similar to Dayquil) for about a week, like the box says. I also drink plenty of water, take vitamin C, get at least 8 hours of rest, and take a few cough drops or zink lozenges (these have a daily limit). Hope this helps.