questionscan you help identify what this is from my boc?


does it shoot circus cannons?

any markings on it or a manufacturer? how pictures from a couple different angles?


Only one I have for now. At work so I can't get any more angles. There are no markings on it at all. It is completely coated in dust. It looks like there was a hopper of some sort attached to it but is no longer there.

I tried to put mini marshmallow into it, but they were just a smidge too large.


Wow! You already bought AND got your bag of crap from this woot-off?!! I am missing them at a much faster pace than I realized. :D


The Circus Cannon bag of ammo is not for your gun. It is for a USB Cannon like this

As for the gun...I think you might have been a victim of, "Oh, what's this thing behind this box in the warehouse? ammo, I guess I just chuck in in this BOC."


hmm, you might try running it through Google Goggles and see if you can find a hit...


It shoots zombies, of course!

Edit: Oh, you meant what kind of AMMO? Sorry! Never mind.


No, I cannot help because dropbox is blocked at my work and likely many others' as well.
Grumble why don't people use img.ur or something, sheesh grumble

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@carl669: Thanks!
Looks like an XploderZ gun or similar knockoff.
They shoot water gel balls.
images herein

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Would ping pong balls be too big for this? What about marshmallows?


Can you image the damage one could inflict if this sucker shot out golf balls with a bit of force?