questionsis anyone else having trouble accessing old shirt…


"Yikes, there's been a server error."

It's not just you. I think a response from one of the staff would be best here. Perhaps they know what's going on.


@capguncowboy: I was having this problem on Friday as well, I was just too busy to report it. I haven't tagged staff in a very long time, so I don't remember who would be appropriate in this situation...


@abramokids: the usual suspect is @shawnmiller

If he's not the right one, he'll probably call in the right person. Also, reporting the issue on the beta feedback link is helpful.


Your URL repeats the site:


Where are you getting the URL? If it's from our site, we need to fix it.


@thunderthighs: On the main shirt.woot site, the first line in the write-up says "2nd place in..." and then a hyperlink to the 404
On a related note, there doesn't appear to be a way to visit old derbies


@abramokids: Thanks. I'll put in a request to get that link fixed. (And yesterday's. Uhm, and tomorrow's)

You can visit old derbies by changing the derby number in the URL. For example:


@thunderthighs: cool beans! Thanks for the help :D


@agingdragqueen: Sorry if I summoned you out of a slumber. I thought you hung out over there. :) @thunderthighs: Thanks for cleaning up everybody's messes. Were you a janitor in a previous life? You seem to do that a lot. ;)


@jsimsace: Heh, no. Did work customer service for computers in the early days and do a fair bit of testing. You kinda learn to figure out things on your own that way. At least I try to figure out as much as I can before passing it on.

And yeah, if there's a booboo anywhere, I want to get it fixed. Everyone does. The moderators are just in a better position to hear about from you eagle-eyed wooters.