questionswould you please send good thoughts? one of our…


I am sending all good thoughts and wishes his way. Hope it works out better than expected.

Thanks for letting us know @moosezilla, please keep us in the loop.


Good thoughts and wishes on the way. Thanks for the heads up.


Is there anything we can do (at least those of us who might be nearby to where he is or where he lives)? Does he need a driver to get him and his car home?


I hope you feel better, @xarous. Healthy thoughts headed your way.


I second what @lavikinga said. Not sure where @xarous lives or where he is traveling, but if he is in south Louisiana, I would be happy to help.

In the meantime, I am sending up prayers and positive thoughts. Get well soon @xarous!


Thinking about you @xarous and hope you are feeling better soon.


I'm gathering up all the good ju-ju I can find for you, @xarous.

@moosezilla: As a result of re-homing my Woot monkeys, I have his address info. I'm in Northern Florida and have lots of spare time. Please let me know if there's anything I can help with.

@lavikinga: Great idea and offer!


I hope you get out real soon so you can get lots of rest. I know its hard to get a decent amount of rest in the hospital.

My thoughts are with you, feel better!


Stay strong my man. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

You should buy a lotto ticket when you get better, sounds like the universe owes you some good luck


May God bring a speedy recovery to @xarous and be with him and his family to provide strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Get well soon.


Get well soon @xarous.

I hope for a speedy recovery for you, and wish your family well.


Sending peaceful thoughts and good karma your way - speedy recovery to you!


@xarous: wishing you a speedy recovery

@moosezilla: To third what @belyndag & @lavikinga said about needing feet on the ground - I'm in the Metro DC area. If nothing else I could deliver a custom BOC to his bedside if he's within a couple hours...


Get well soon. Lots of good, positive thoughts being sent your way.


ok. for all that are asking:
@xarous is in hospital probably for at least a week. he is in central missouri. (don't want to get too specific without permission). he posted on twitter:" was heading back from MO had mass and infection in throat, airway failed, not fun" they had to do a tracheotomy.


@xarous, sorry to hear you are in a bad way. Hope they get you fixed up real soon!

Having been hospitalized myself a while back, I know that some simple amenities can make the experience much easier. To suggest a few that I found helpful: eye mask, earplugs, eye mask, hard candy, flip-flops, lightweight fleece throw, some way to play music and/or white noise. Does @xarous have somebody nearby to bring him things, or could delivery of a care package be facilitated?


OK. Just got permission to be a little more detailed.
@xarous was supposed to drive his two daughters back home to South Carolina on Sunday. instead he was taken to a doc and sent by ambulance to a hospital in Springfield Missouri. He was suspected (and later confirmed) of having Ludwig's angina. he was given antibiotics, but lost his airway around 230 on Sunday. they had to do emergency surgery. (before clicking this next link please be advised it isn't pretty) he is expecting to stay about a week. as of Monday night at 9 central he is still in ICU and got the trache. he is saying they are going to put in a feeding tube if he cant eat by Tuesday. he has seen this thread and is appreciating everyone's support.
he is really missing his daughters, but otherwise seems to be accepting of the crap life is throwing at him.
he occasionally pops in to deals.woot chat for support.


Aw... I rarely post, but I hope he gets well soon. I live in KC and I know being in Springfield is painful enough..:-/

Wishing you a speedy recovery!


We miss you. Get well soon and come back to us. You are one of the good guys.


@xarous: Thoughts/prayers still going strong


@moosezilla: Any news? Send an update if you can.


UPDATE: Okay, some more updates on @xarous. He did manage to eat before Tuesday, so no feeding tube (yay!). Unfortunately they kept trying to put something on the trach so he could talk and failing.

Tuesday he moved out of ICU to another room elsewhere in the hospital. Still missing the girls, obviously. They took out the first trach and put in a second one to try to get it to work with the talking thing, but still no dice.

Wednesday he said his infection had spread overnight and possibly jumped. He was in a poor way, and infectious diseases were going to come down and see what they could do to help fight the infection. He had to go in for surgery again :(

Thursday we didn't hear from him much. He had surgery and had been sedated most of the time since Wednesday afternoon. They replaced his trach yet again (on his third one now), and they were doing more blood cultures on him.

Alternately: (since I didn't know moose had created another ATC thread for this...)