questionswould you pay more for a boc?


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paying more would defeat the purpose of the boc. and, paying more would lead to a WHOLE lot more whining.

not that people whine about what they get in boc's now. no. never. right?


Don't forget that many people don't get anything that they would pay $3 for (let alone the $8 when you include shipping)


If better quality items were ensured, maybe, but it seems lately the boxes have been pretty standard, with relatively low value.

Do not take this as a complaint: I am thankful for the crap I have been given; I am simply stating the fact that a price increase for revenue's sake will ultimately probably hurt Woot.


Would they be more enjoyable? Would it allow me to successfully purchase one, as opposed to all of the previous ones?


On a BOC ... only if I had an idea of what was going into it, like the one I bought some time ago that was a BOC with a BFC + 3 random shirts. Otherwise, a price increase is going to be as popular as when they switched over the shirts ...

Keep in mind that we're required to buy 3x craps as it is ... used to be, we could buy just 1x crap at $1 (+ $5 shipping).


Pay more? No. But, I'm more than willing to pay the $8 total when they're sold during woot-offs. Full blown, all-out BOCs. Pure adrenelin infused pursuit. Fun! :-D

Oh, and I think they should be listed ON woot, not a social/other site. They do want for us to spend our free time here. Don't they? Of course, I could be wrong. <----Thank you Dennis Miller.


Instead of the negativity of how a price increase would ruin BOCs, i'll answer the OP question.

I wouldn't pay more than $10 total for a BOC.


Since I've only ever gotten one BOC, I would probably pay two or three times as much to give it another go. Would I do that consistently afterwards? That's less certain.


Yes, I would as long as it had a woot item (woot monkey, woot bucket, woot lights, woot sweat bands, etc) in it


@gmwhit: I would also prefer that they sold them via the woot site & not social media. I may sound like I'm from the stone age, but I don't have a facebook account and don't plan on getting one.

I never was lucky enough to get a BOC and if they only sell through social media sites, I never will. Then again, with the items they've been posting and their shirt designs, I may stop coming here altogether shortly.


Do I think they will raise the price? That's a given. Would I pay more? Meh. Maybe $10 total.


To put it simply, no. I will not pay more for a bag of crap.

Unless it's like twice (so $2/crap = $11 for BOC) as much with the "* guarantee*" that you'll get a better bag of crap. Then yes, I would still consider going for one. But this totally defeats the purpose of the fact that it's a "bag of crap". It should be named something like, bag of laundry or something above crappy. Now that wouldn't sound so fun because you would somehow expect that you're getting something good compared to how it is now where you'll never know what you'll get until it's on your doorstep, crappy or not... I've had both sides of crappines.

As long as it doesn't reach the $20~$40 range as some sites puts them as, I may consider.

But I'm absolutely sure Woot is going to have a lot of customers jump ship if the prices do go up. So please, keep up the crappyness and don't change a thing!

'Cause you're amazing.. just the way you are!