questionsdo you already have christmas decorations out?


We moved into our new house a few weeks ago. The only thing we hadn't brought over was the stuff from the storage closet at the old house. We got it this past weekend, and rather than putting all of the Christmas stuff into the closet just so we'd have to drag it back out next week, we went ahead and put them up. The kids have been dancing and singing all weekend. They're so cute!


I have my boxes of decorations all pulled out of storage and ready to go, but I'm waiting to put anything up until after Thanksgiving. And really the reason is threefold: I'm hosting Thanksgiving, and don't want to lose the seating I'm going to lose by putting up the tree. I also want to keep up the tradition of not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, which was always a fun after Thanksgiving activity. And thirdly, I forgot to take the tree out of storage.


Yep! Although we live in Southern California, so I haven't put the poinsettias outside yet..for fear they will blow away!