questionswhat is the best file hosting service (rapidshare…


What are you looking to host? Files for other people to download, or just your own? I tend to use my PC as a file share and just access the files through Remote Desktop. I also bought some domains and use hosting space as temporary storage, as well as free solutions from dropbox,, and maybe a few others.


There are always free solutions that will work just as well as the two you mentioned.


hmmm well I want to look more at solutions hosted by others because my own connection is so poor. I already use dropbox, but my storage there is still pretty limited. I would like to look at some of the more popular oens like rapidshare etc bc I also dl quite a bit of "stuff" from these sites as well and it would nice to be able to have regular access to one without all the rigamarole they put free users through.


I use my own website or FTP server, upload the files, and create a download link.


Might want to use to store all your photos, videos, music, docs, etc.

They make file hosting and sharing super fast and easy. Check out one of their Pro plans for 2TB of storage. That's a lot right? Anyways, they got some pretty cool features like access from any device and unlimited sharing options.