questionswhat is your next smart phone?


If my old droid (the original motorola 855) dies I'll probably buy a newer version second hand.


I started with a Windows mobile phone, and pretty quickly turned over to the iPhone 3G. I did like that for as long as I had it, then switched to the original Droid when I moved to Verizon. After that, went to the iPhone 4, and most recently the Droid Bionic.

Hard to say what the next one will be since they are coming out with new phones all the time, but if I had to venture a guess, it will be an Android phone, probably in the Samsung line.


I'll likely get the iPhone 5 or 6, whichever coincides with my upgrade eligibility. Primarily because I already have an iPhone, and I'm not up to the task of repurchasing all my apps on another system. Although I'm not planning on completely writing off Android just because of that, if the similar Android is a better phone, then I'd definitely give it it's fair consideration.

Honestly though, I've found it just comes down to brand or OS preference. When I was looking for my current phone (iPhone 4) and comparing it to others, I found that the Android phone I was looking at had virtually identical hardware to the iPhone. In terms of power/ capability, phones are going to be fairly close.

If you're comfortable with/ like PalmOS, you might want to get the next Palm phone. I honestly just don't see that much of a difference between phones. Especially since by the time I get a new phone, darn near every smartphone will probably have 4G


The HTC EVO 4G is coming to my network soon so if I can afford it maybe I'll buy that. If not, maybe wait a few months and see whatever the best phone on T-mobile is.

I use virgin mobile, and currently have the triumph.


It'll be the next iphone. I don't think the iphone is that much better than android (I loved my Incredible), but I do think that the ipad is light-years ahead of any android tablet I've gotten my hands on. For that reason I traded in my android tablet for the ipad, and just figure it makes more sense to have an iphone to go with than an android phone-no need to be buying apps twice!


@thedogma: If Palm were still around I would be in line day one for a new phone, but they were bought out by HP and then ran to the ground by their then CEO. They are making the OS open source so that's what I'm hoping for now.

My philosophy on phones is "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" there will always be a bigger better phone within months of you getting your phone, so be happy with what you have.

Thanks for all the responses, it's nice to see a discussion rather than it sinking to an Android vs iOS fight. They all have their good and bad points.


My next smart phone will be my first one....I don't see it happening anytime soon.


I'm still debating wether or not I want to upgrade my iPhone 4s. So far this phone is still very good to me and hasn't showed any age yet. I guess it would depend on the feature it would come with that would be a worth my while.

Would I stand in line for it? Probably not, even if I fail to pre-order. I think I'll try to wait the "storm" out this year.

Previous phones: iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, Sony Ericsson (flip phone), Nokia 6680 (first "facetime phone", Nokia 3220 (had cute lights on the side), Nokia N-Gage (had it for a week) and Nokia 3360 (first phone, prepaid from 7-eleven back in like 2002!!).

Same reason I have with @thedogma, I just have a lot of apps invested on iTunes plus all the iPod docks we have at home. But I'd love to have an Android too! :] Too each their own with whatever they prefer. I actually feel more geeky with an Android phone.


I was a Android user and wasn't a big fan. Couple of weeks ago, I switched to a Windows Phone 8 and i'm loving it.