questionswhat waffle maker should i get?


Price per positive review I would look into this one:

Available for free shipping with Prime and within your price range.

Personally I use the old style stove top waffle irons.


Just what I was looking for, the reviews and price are great thanks!


I actually recently purchased that waffle maker and can tell you it works pretty well, but it does not get hot enough to cook waffles quickly. Expect about ten minutes per waffle, if not a little longer. It does clean up easily and I haven't had any trouble with sticking.

I recommend the Belgian waffle recipe from the Joy of Cooking. I've had success replacing some of the milk with coffee as well. You must must must do the yeast waffle thing! So much better.


I use the Waring Pro flip waffle maker:

Absolutely love it and wouldn't be without it. But it's not cheap (it's more a light commercial product).

As for good temp flip waffle makers, this one gets excellent reviews and is in the lower range of prices:


I too use the Waring Pro WMK300 Belgium waffle maker.

I would suggest to make the batter that sits overnights, rather than just whipping up something in the morning. What a difference and also very tasty.

Mmmmm....waffles... :o)


I've been looking at this one. I just want plain waffles, not the Belgian kind.
Anyone with an opinion on it?

I like the removable plates.

edited for - waffles are serious business!


@klutzyruth: I had that B&D waffle maker. I was... less than impressed with the waffles it churned out. But then, I'm a bit of a picky waffle eater. I like them to be crispy on the outside and light and airy inside so that they just melt in your mouth. That waffle maker routinely made them a bit chewy on the outside and thick and chewy inside. They just didn't come out right for me.

Some people, though, they love chewy waffles. I just find them not for me.


Her name is Maria, she's at Palma Real in Punta Cana DR, best damn waffle maker I have ever seen.


Spend the extra money on a Waring.


@eneref: Thanks. Nope, don't like chewy waffles.


I absolutely love my waring pro!