questionschallenge: new email handle


my other handle is calliope - which is based on my penchant for writing poetry

plus there is this one Hobbit, which is a play off my last name (think about) you will figure it out.

What about or something like that?


@hobbit: Hobbit makes much more sense now. Took me a bit to come around.

I also thought about doing something completely obscure. I already have a [first].[last] email address for all things resume or extra formal; this would just be for friends and signing up for store mailing lists.

should it have meaning or just be truly random?


Mine is my last name the word 'man' and my nickname spelled numerically.

Do you have a nickname that your friends call you? One of my friends is called Duckie. My nickname is an anatomical part of the male body, so I don't use that.

Sorry running into a brain fart here.....


An early email address I had was Scully and group of my favorite numbers. I was a big X-Files fan. My current one is an eco-related name plus the year,which was dumb because the year changes, but I made subsequent secondary email addresses with future years. Does that make sense?
My user name here on deals.woot is from the song Material Girl by Madonna, meaning I am materialistic and like material things.




you can do perkins like the major chain restaurant


@sgoman5674: Your nickname is feet? Very odd.


@jumbowoot: don't, this reminds me of another post. something about sold or bold or told......







you all are a creative bunch! It's comforting to know I don't have to think on my own. :D

SO many options!


@perkalicious11: hm... the e-mail address i have for signing up for store mailing lists was [myoldemailaddress]

My mind gets foggy, so I just keep it simple. That said, I just ended up signing up with my regular e-mail account, and then ended up unsubscribing. I am indecisive like that.

On the poll side of things (how I ended up with this nickname -- and I believe there was a thread a while ago on that), I used the name amoeba way back in the day as a kid playing games. I let it go for awhile, but, as I grew older, I have had several identity crises until I realized that, perhaps what defined my identity was flux itself. So I thought amoeba, which means "change", seemed an appropriate handle to pick back up.

Of course, amoeba was largely taken by then, so I had to find a different amoeba. The chaos amoeba has multiple nuclei, and, since I tend to focus on many disparate things, I thought, why not?


I tend to use theoneill555 for everything except my spam box (it keeps it easy).

How about: Perkocet or theScreamingPerk (sorry for the monkey reference)


When I had to come up with an email address to use for newsletters and on-line shopping, I took the first initials of everyone in the household (and since several of the names start with the same letter I used a number to denote those (like t3s) combined with the initial of the last name and used that as my email address for those purposes. My main email address is my last name with a significant (to me) date attached.


As for me, I don't think my username of choice was ever taken. I guess moldyearwax is not the most popular idea...


Now that the cleanup of all the evil virus crap is done, I might as well hand you some sage advice.

I have no less than eight well-known usernames (shrdlu being the best known), and use each one in different places, depending on circumstance. I would never EVER choose anything so long as your current one because I'm lazy, and do not want to have to type something that long. The longest names I use are ten characters. The shortest is five. Nearly all are ambiguous as to sex, age, race, and so on. Every single one, without exception, has been from something I found funny at the time.

As a side note, gmail doesn't have any possible six character user names left. I think most of those vanished before it even hit the public. Go for two words. Some of my favorites are really a phrase of two or three short words.



Combine words or names with dates, thats the easiest. My username right now is a combination of my name and initials, and the year my daughter was born (2007) with the side benefit of containing 007 lol. Its easy to get a username you want but sometimes you have to think outside the box, and other times you have to be less strict with what you have in mind.


lol i just realized this is 7 months ago...I found it from a new listing on sellout.